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Professorial Lectures Series ‘Songs of Time and Place’ by Professor Mike Collier

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Songs of Time and Place

‘Songs of Time and Place’ by Professor Mike Collier, Professor of Visual Art, Art and Design.

As the world went silent in lockdown March 2020, something else happened; for the first time, many people became more aware of the spring sounds of the birds around us

Reflecting this deep engagement with birdsong, my project ‘Songs of Place and Time’ explores the quasi-symphonic experience of a dawn chorus. Working together with poets, musicians, composers, natural historians and the natural world this project is a collaborative synthesis standing at the meeting point, or even overlap, of various established and emerging fields of research and practice, including Zoomusicology, Ecoacoustics and Biosemiotics.

The collaborative nature of my research process mirrors, in a small way, how I believe we should work together in the world – a world that we share with our ‘other’, more-than-human, partners on the planet. The knowledge exchange in these informal relationships is rich, rhizomatic and hugely stimulating.

For details of the book ‘Songs of Place and Time', see:



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