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‘The relationship between undergraduate healthcare student Conscientiousness Index scores and later academic/clinical performance’

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St Peter's Campus

Dr Marina Sawdon, Associate Professor of Medical Education - School of Medicine - Associate Professorial Lecture Series 2020/21

Robust measures of professionalism in healthcare professionals and trainees continue to be elusive.  This may be attributed to the complex nature of professionalism.  It is known from the wider literature on work psychology that conscientiousness is the single strongest predictor of work place performance, and research confirms that this is true in health care also. Myself and colleagues have previously developed a proxy measure of professionalism, which is an objective, scalar measure of conscientiousness; the Conscientiousness Index (CI). The relationship between medical students CI scores early in undergraduate education and subsequent performance measures in knowledge, skills and professional behaviours will be presented. In addition, preliminary analysis of data held in the UK Medical Education database (UKMED) suggests that the CI has predictive validity for future performance as a practising doctor.

Associate Professorial Lectures are an opportunity for Associate Professors to showcase their current research and/or learning and teaching priorities at the Institution.


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