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The War in Ukraine: What Are The Social Sciences Saying?

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Join us for this special online event, as four academics from within our School of Social Sciences each offer their subject's own take on the social impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine. War has some obvious devastating effects on those involved, but what about some of the social impacts it leaves that are possibly away from our consciousness, as a society not involved?  

We'd like you to join us for this special event that displays how critical thinking can be applied to it by four represented subjects: 

Health and Social Care

Liz Cunningham, Jacqueline Merchant and Dr. Sarah Lonbay will focus on Ukraine’s health systems, the mental health of refugees and interventions for trauma.


Dr Thomas Rodgers will explore the history of how justice has been sought on an international scale alongside the current challenges the world faces in seeking a justice, for what many see as an unjust war.

For criminologists, the question of justice in times of war is critical, especially when the effects of conflict between nation states inflicts globe-spanning harms and damages. This session will explore the history of how justice has been sought on an international scale, alongside the current challenges the world faces in seeking a much-needed sense of justice for what many see as an unjust war.


Jodie Weatherston will discuss the rise in sexual violence during conflict and how Russian soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war to torture and terrorise Ukrainian citizens. Sexual violence has long term impacts on individuals and is often used as a method of ethnic cleansing for genocidal purposes which disrupts societies for generations. Alongside this, masculine military culture will be analysed to examine how women’s bodies have become part of the War on Ukraine.  


Dr Jeremy Pearson will explore some of the policing implications, resulting from the crisis in Ukraine. While the Ukrainian situation has undoubtedly caused a humanitarian emergency, the ability of organised crime groups to exploit the chaos of war for criminal gain is well known. This represents a risk for law enforcement agencies within the UK as the mass movement of peoples across international borders can result in increased opportunities for the trafficking of people, controlled drugs, firearms, and other illicit materials. The policing challenges of tackling these threats, while keeping communities within the UK safe, will be discussed during the session.


While this event is open to all students in year 12, 13 or for those looking to return to education as older students, we also welcome bookings from anybody who is interested in the topic and talks. We are accepting both group bookings from teachers and individual bookings from students. 


Please complete the booking form.


For any enquiries about this or other events, please email us at events.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk