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Virtual Book Launch - Join author Prof. Angela Smith and co-author Dr Michael Higgins

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The Language of Journalism

Since the first edition of The Language of Journalims appeared in 2013, the world of journalism has dealt with major events, seen existent trends intensify and confronted new and unexpected challenges.

The technological changes we saw starting to take effect have been blurring some of the lines between those different genres of journalist practice that originally informed the structure of this book. Not everything has changed, of course: we still read newspapers but buy fewer and enjoy increasing access to their online versions. Moreover, we still gather round live sport on TV and radio, although we increasingly use social media to follow and comment on the action, inspired and provoked by the ongoing commentary and analysis of online news. In response, newspapers have increased their presence on social media, with varying degrees of effectiveness. When it comes to the way we watch television in a digital environment, we see an increasing shift towards ‘on demand’, leading, amongst much else, to the rise of the news podcast. This new edition of The Language of Journalism explores how the linguistic features of journalistic practice are influenced by all of these changes, and looks to what the evolving language of journalism tells us about our relationship with news and the truth.