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Vulnerable Suspects within the Criminal Justice System Conference

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Vulnerable Suspects conference

An opportunity to discuss key issues that impact on dealing effectively with vulnerable individuals from the point that they are identified as a suspect through to any subsequent court appearance. 

The presentations will be delivered by a mix of experienced practitioners and proven academic researchers operating within the field of vulnerability.

Specific areas that will be covered at the conference will include:

- The history of the police’s approach to suspect vulnerability, including the subsequent impact on false confessions and miscarriages of justice.

- The many faces of vulnerability including those termed ‘hidden disabilities’.

Relevant legislation including recent changes to PACE and the definition of vulnerability within Code C.

- The role of the custody officer in assessing vulnerability.

- The role of the Appropriate Adult within the police station.

- Suspect Interview strategies – does one size fit all?

- Dealing with vulnerable voluntary attenders

- The role of the defence intermediary in the courtroom in ensuring effective participation from the vulnerable defendant.

- Policing Vulnerability in Scotland.

Price: £110 

Location: Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, University of Sunderland, St Peters Campus, St Peters Way, Sunderland, SR6 ODD

For further information or information on bookings please contact the CaPE Team:

Telephone: 0191 515 3361