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Welcome to the Exciting World of Computing

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Computing event

Our team of Computing academics have put together an exciting programme of activities for this special event. Participants will experience a carousel of hands-on workshops and have the opportunity to engage with our brilliant team of teaching staff to discover more about studying Computing at the University of Sunderland.

Workshops which will form part of this event are as follows:

Virtual Reality for Games – This is a hands-on workshop which allows you to explore games and virtual environments using our VR headsets. We have a mix of headsets and software that can introduce you to immersive worlds in virtual reality. A supplementary talk will explain how the technology is used and how we can develop on these platforms.

AI Maze Solver – This workshop offers an introduction to search algorithms used in lots of AI applications like Google Maps, games and automated systems for robotics. You will be shown the exciting ways in which these algorithms are deployed, and then get hands-on practice using them to solve a puzzle maze.

Hack The Web - Have you ever wondered how secure websites really are? This workshop will introduce you to different website vulnerabilities such as directory issues, authentication and injection attacks. During the introduction you will be shown a real life case study of a company’s website breach. You will then be given the chance to force your way into a series of websites, with each one becoming more secure as you progress through the challenges.


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