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Moving in and resident questions

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  1. I need to arrive early, am I able to move in before the arrival date?

    Yes, we will do our best to provide you with a temporary bed before the official move in date...

  2. Where can I collect my key on arrival?

    You can collect your key from the on-site accommodation reception...

  3. Can I get a free bedding pack?

    If you are staying in University accommodation for 19 weeks or more you can collect a free bedding pack...

  4. Do I need a TV licence?

    If you are living in Halls of Residence you will need your own TV Licence.

  5. I will need some help when I arrive, who can assist me?

    Residential Assistants and the Students’ Union Welcome Team will be there to help you between 9am and 6pm...

  6. What should I do if I lose my keys?

    Report loss of keys as soon as possible to a member of staff at your accommodation reception.

  7. What time will my room be ready on the day I arrive?

    We have a handful of rooms that will not be ready until 4pm and we will contact you beforehand to let you know...

  8. Can I have friends stay over?

    Yes. You can have a guest stay in your room for three nights.

  9. Where can I park when I arrive?

    We have car parking at all our residences but space is limited so please consider others when you move your belongings...