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Publication of documents relating to the National Glass Centre

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In January, we announced we were exploring options for a new home, or homes, for the University-owned National Glass Centre.

Since this announcement, there has been legitimate interest from staff, students and other interested parties in the information that led to this decision being taken. In line with our commitment to be open and transparent in our decision-making, we are publishing, in full, the specialist external review commissioned by the University to assess the integrity of the building’s structure and the associated costings.

University of Sunderland National Glass Centre Roof Level Feasibility Report (.pdf) (Large file - 12MB)

This report was an options viability appraisal to establish the future potential of the National Glass Centre and address ongoing maintenance issues. This report was received in July 2022.

Cost Estimate for National Glass Centre - Roof Feasibility (.pdf)

This set out the estimated total production costs for both future options and ongoing maintenance. A version was originally received in July and was updated to reflect updated design information. A final version was received in September 2022.

These reports were considered by the University’s estates and facilities staff and the University Executive. The findings were also considered by the Finance, Development and Resources Committee of the Board of Governors, before being taken to the full Board of Governors for a final decision in December 2022.

Published: 3 March 2023