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Lists and registers

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The University operates 364 overt CCTV cameras. The system comprises of fixed position cameras, pan tilt and zoom cameras, monitors, multiplexers, digital recorders, and public information/signage. Signs are prominently placed at strategic points and at entrance and exit points of University premises and properties to inform staff, students, visitors and members of the public that a CCTV system is in use. They are broken down as follows:

  • City Campus: 224 - 24 have a pan/tilt/zoom function and 200 are fixed
  • St Peter's: 105 - 20 have a pan/tilt/zoom function and 85 are fixed
  • Panns Bank/Scotia Quay: 6 - 3 have a pan/tilt/zoom function and 3 are fixed
  • Clanny House: 15 - 1 has a pan/tilt/zoom function and 14 are fixed
  • Precinct: 9 - 3 have a pan/tilt/zoom function and 6 are fixed
  • Ashburne House: 5, all are fixed

Disclosure Log

The University‚Äôs Disclosure Log contains details of Freedom of Information requests received by the University and the subsequent response provided, where applicable.

Compliance Rates

Please note that in the 2017 calendar year, 221 requests for information were received by the University of Sunderland. All requests were responded to within the statutory time limit giving a compliance rate of 100%.