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Georgiana Glaven

Georgiana Glavan, 27, is in the third year of her Business Management degree, at the University’s London campus. Georgiana’s parents were divorced when she was young and she lost contact with her father. She later became estranged from her mother.

“I decided to travel from Romania to come to live in the UK to work and study, but my mother has never agreed,” says Georgiana, “She told me that if I left I would never speak to her again.

“Until then I really had a great connection with my mother and I needed her support since she was my only parent. My parents got divorced when I was three years old and I did not keep in touch with my father.”

Georgiana made the difficult decision to move to England from Bucharest, originally only planning to stay for a year, but she never left.

Now, five years later she lives in Hemel Hempstead with her son Eric (5) and Eva (2).​​​​​​​

“The We Care team have always been there for me when I felt alone, and have helped me with financial support, events and treats and Christmas gifts for my children.

“I cannot express how grateful I am to them. As much as I can, I would like to help the We Care team continue their exceptional work.”