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Student recognised with prestigious international award

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Published on 26, May, 2024

Arqam Al-Hadeed
Arqam Al-Hadeed

A University of Sunderland student has been internationally recognised with the prestigious Pride of Pakistan award.

Arqam Al-Hadeed, who studies MBChB Medicine, received the accolade for his dedication to tackling knife crime and advocacy for human rights.

The award is presented to individuals of Pakistani descent who have demonstrated outstanding talents and contributions to their respective fields.

Arqam said: “This recognition holds profound significance for me as it acknowledges my efforts in advocating for human rights, tackling knife crime, and celebrates my achievements on an international scale.

“The highlight of this recognition was my invitation to attend the National Parade, a momentous event witnessed by the entire nation.”

The Pakistan Day Parade is an annual event that celebrates the creation of the Republic that is attended by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“Serving as the honorary guest at the parade was a privilege beyond words, and I am deeply proud to share that my contributions were applauded.”

Arqam was the only attendee who was selected to receive the award from outside of Pakistan.

“This milestone would not have been possible without the unwavering support, and mentorship provided by the University of Sunderland,” he said.

“I’m immensely grateful for the nurturing environment, world-class education, and encouragement I’ve received from the University community as a first-year medical student.

“I’m filled with pride and gratitude for being a part of the University of Sunderland family,” Arqam added.

This is not the first time Arqam has been recognised for his achievements.

Having started his campaigning at the age of 12, Arqam was elected as a Youth MP in 2017, representing the city of Leeds at the Youth Parliament in the Houses of Commons.

It was raising the issue of tackling knife crime during a session of the Youth Parliament that skyrocketed his advocacy both nationally and internationally.

In 2022, Arqam won the prestigious Diana Award, which is given to those considered changemakers, for his work in tackling knife crime in the UK.

If you are interested in studying MBChB Medicine at the University of Sunderland, find out more here: https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/medicine/mbchb-medicine/