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Practice reports:

Practice Report 1 – findings from a survey to examine students' perceptions of safety and security on and off campus

Practice Report 2 – an exploration of the Wallsend children’s community’s emergency response grant as an emerging necessity

Practice Report 3 – newly qualified social workers’ perceptions and experiences of support during the assessed and supported year of employment

Practice Report 4 – a report outlining the findings from a research study around safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Practice Report 5 – a report which explores the whole-school approach to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people

Practice Report 6 – an exploration of how the Newcastle Diocese Safeguarding team can better support incumbents, Parish Safeguarding Officers and Church Wardens in the effective implementation of Church of England safeguarding policy in practice


Published CASS Working Papers:

CASS Working Paper, No 8 – 'Raising Aspirations and Impartiality: A Paradoxical Position for Career Guidance Practitioners'

CASS Working Paper, No 7 – 'Supporting "Vulnerable" Detainees through a Student Volunteering Service'

CASS Working Paper, No 6 – 'A Neoliberalist Solution for a Neoliberalist Problem: The neoliberalist normalisation of psychosocial support for parent-carers'

CASS Working Paper, No 5 – 'Gendered Perceptions of Domestic Violence: how young females are more likely than young males to know controlling domestic violence behaviours'

CASS Working Paper, No 4 – 'Exploring the Dynamics of Situated Emotionality in Feminist Standpoint Epistemology'

CASS Working Paper, No 2 – 'Whiteness, Britishness and the Racist Reality of Brexit'

CASS Working Paper, No 1 – 'The Myth and Reality of Brexit City: Sunderland and the 2016 Referendum'


Watch the film here: Love Should Never Be Abusive

Find out more about Love Should Never Be Abusive

Love Should Never Be Abusive_NEDAP Training Resource

DVD and Tool Kit:

The Ace Project_LGBTQ Young People and CSE_ An Agenda for Change

In 2013 the Northern Rock Foundation funded the Ace Project to explore with practitioners across the North East what the needs are of young lesbians, gay men, bisexual women and men and/or trans women and men (LGB and/or T) who might be at risk of, or actually experiencing, child sexual exploitation.

Over four meetings the practitioners considered the definition of child sexual exploitation and how it might be experienced differently by young LGB and/or T people,  what the training gaps and needs are of practitioners working with young people; and how the heterosexual assumption acts as a barrier to young LGB and/or T people at risk of or experiencing sexual exploitation getting the help they need

The Ace Project developed an Agenda for Change in the North East and beyond. The accompanying toolkit outlines the Agenda for Change, and builds on the See Me Hear Me framework for working with young people and child sexual exploitation developed by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (2013).

The Ace Project also commissioned local filmmaker, Julie Ballands to make a film which gives voice to the experiences of sexual exploitation of a young Asian gay man, a young white lesbian and a young, white trans man. The film, They Love Me? They Love Me Not: Sexual Exploitation and Young LGBTQ People is not available online to comply with the wishes of the young people involved in the film.


Open Clasp Theatre Company: http://www.openclasp.org.uk/