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Why choose primary education?

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Why be a primary school teacher?

It’s no secret that a career in education ranks incredibly highly when it comes to job satisfaction. From making a significant impact on children’s lives to reaping the rewards of generous holiday allowance, there are so many reasons to consider becoming a teacher – but why become a primary school teacher?

Teaching styles differ hugely between age groups, so if you’re wondering whether a primary education degree is the right route for you, explore the top ten reasons to becoming a teacher below and find out more about this extraordinary career path.

Primary education teacher

1. No two days are the same

This must be one of the most common phrases associated with becoming a teacher, but it’s true – every day is different when teaching primary school classes and that’s one of the reasons a career in teaching is so unique.

Working with primary school aged children can be unpredictable and fun, so be prepared to be kept on your toes with plenty of unexpected questions. If you’re the type of person who gets bored easily, teaching in a primary school setting will certainly offer variety in your working life.

2. It's rewarding

One of the most exciting things about working in the education sector is that you’re inspiring the next generation, playing an integral part in shaping the lives of children and seeing the positive effects your teaching is having on them. Becoming a primary school teacher means you’ll get to know each child on an individual basis, and you’ll discover ways to improve their engagement by learning what interests them.

Not only will you be guiding children through an important stage in their development, but it’s likely you’ll become a key role model in their life and someone they’ll remember for years to come. The keen sense of achievement you’ll feel when helping them to work through a problem makes teaching primary school classes extremely rewarding.

3. You're always learning

Unlike secondary education where you’ll likely specialise in one subject, becoming a primary school teacher means you’ll teach a varied curriculum, giving you the chance to research new subjects and build on your overall knowledge. From literacy and numeracy to practical subjects like art and physical education, primary education offers an element of subject diversity you might not find in other areas of teaching.

In addition to mastering new subjects, teaching is also a fantastic opportunity to enhance your personal development, whether that be gaining confidence in public speaking, bettering your organisational skills, or even keeping on top of the latest technology.

4. You'll feel part of a community

Primary schools tend to be smaller compared to secondary schools, ensuring there's a close-knit community of staff and pupils all willing to support each other. Although you may face different challenges, you and your colleagues all share a passion for teaching. This offers a platform to share ideas and learn from each other, as opposed to other industries which may be more competitive.

The school environment is a sociable one and it’s likely you’ll have the same class throughout the day and year, meaning you can develop strong bonds with both your pupils and colleagues.

"Primary teaching is the most exhausting and rewarding job in the entire world. You will have the best experiences ever and the children will make you laugh every single day."

Stefanie Jardine Watson
Lecturer in Primary Education


5. There's excellent career progression

Although every school will differ slightly, one of the many great reasons to become a teacher is that primary school communities offer plenty of opportunities for you to develop professionally. Teaching offers a clear career path, so whether you see yourself advancing to roles such as head of year or even headteacher, you’ll have the chance to improve your leadership skills. No matter what your ambitions may be, teaching allows you to progress as high as you’d like to.

6. Discover international opportunities

Primary school teacher qualifications are highly transferable and you’ll attain skills which will be valuable across the globe. If at any point during your career you decide you’d like to teach internationally, there are plenty of countries who look upon those who have trained to be a teacher in England favourably. Why not travel the world while doing the job you love?

7. It allows you to be creative

Teaching primary aged children allows you to get creative and adapt your teaching style to match. The national curriculum will see you teaching core subjects, however, how you plan your lessons and incorporate creative and practical elements into them is up to you. The options are endless to turn an uninspiring task into something inspiring, and most importantly, engaging.

8. Every child is different

One of the greatest things about teaching primary school classes is that you’ll be working with children from a wide variety of different backgrounds. While this can be challenging at times, it’s also exciting, as it will give you the opportunity to encourage them and see them grow, not just academically but on a personal level. You might even choose to specialise in helping children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, crafting ways to provide support for individual children’s requirements.

Teaching primary school children around a table

9. You'll be in demand

When it comes to job security, you can be safe in the knowledge that there'll always be high demand for qualified teachers, so you probably won’t struggle to find a job. In fact, schools in England are currently facing a shortage in teachers, so job prospects are thriving. Furthermore, having a teaching degree is unique in that you’re qualified and straight into work soon after graduating, which can’t be said for many other qualifications.

10. You'll receive generous holidays

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive incentives when considering a teaching career is the generous holiday allowance you’ll receive, particularly if you're a parent or are planning to be a parent yourself. It’s no secret that teachers benefit from a term-time working schedule with extended leave during the school summer holidays. It’s important to remember that as a teacher, you’ll spend a portion of this time preparing and drafting lessons for the upcoming year – but you’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy a well-earned break!

Have we convinced you that becoming a primary school teacher is a fantastic career choice? Find out more about our Teacher Training and Education courses.

Published: 6 January 2022