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Steven Gill

Durham, UK

MA Investigative Management

Already established within his career in the police, Steven Gill wanted to further his academic knowledge with a more specialised postgraduate degree, so enrolled on the MA Investigative Management course. He appreciates the work/life balance that the course offers, as well as the expert teaching team, and hopes that the new skills he’s acquiring will set him in good stead to achieve his aspiration of becoming a Senior Investigating Officer in the future.

I studied for a leadership and management degree at undergraduate level, but I knew I wanted to specialise in a policing degree to further my academic knowledge. Working for the police, I was looking for a course that I could study part-time alongside my job, and the structure of the MA Investigative Management course at Sunderland meant that I could achieve a good balance between work and studying. The course is studied over two academic years, and the teaching days are split into four sections, so it’s manageable for anyone in full-time employment.

Another reason I chose Sunderland was due to the teaching team, as the course is run by highly experienced academics with extensive knowledge of their subject. I contacted the Programme Leader, and after they explained everything about the course in detail, I knew it was the right decision for me to enrol.

The first day on the course I was overwhelmed by the high expertise levels of the other students, however, everyone was made to feel included immediately and I soon realised that rank didn’t matter. It’s been great to meet people from all over the country and make new friends and the teaching team has been great – it’s clear they’re enthusiastic about their field. The University library also offers an excellent range of up-to-date books, with most of the material available to read online too.

The course is set up for critical thinking, and the modules around decision-making and leadership have really helped me at work as these are two key skills required within investigative management. The degree provides you with the academic knowledge you need to improve as both an investigator and a manager. My main aim for the future is to become a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), so the skills I’ve acquired haven't only helped me succeed academically but prepared me professionally.

For anyone considering studying for the MA Investigative Management degree, it’s a highly recommended course and you’ll gain so much from it. My advice would be to consider the logistics of the course in terms of the content and your work/life balance, but it’s manageable, and you’ll have plenty of time between your assignments to make it work for you. Being able to leave your comfort zone and having the chance to thrive feels great!”

Published 2 February 2023

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