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Karolis Ŝvabauskas

Player Experience Interactions Specialist, Ubisoft

Digital Community Manager Apprenticeship

Karolis, a social support agent and Ubisoft, is learning and improving skills he doesn’t already have. He feels very supported by both the University and Ubisoft and he is benefitting from an organised apprenticeship with helpful staff.

“I am currently doing a community digital management apprenticeship. My role at Ubisoft is social support agent and my daily tasks include helping any customers with any issue they may have. A lot of emphasis is put on the skills, knowledge, and behaviour that we need to be comfortable with and therefore, any activities that we undertake doing the apprenticeship are based around those skills. This means, whilst we’re doing our workshops, we can learn and improve certain skills that we may not already have.

“What I really like is that both the University and our employers are both working hand in hand to make sure we get experience and it’s coming from both sides. Everyone wants to help us out, they are really helpful and assisting, so it’s been great. Things are going great. The apprenticeship itself appears to be very organised and the staff are very helpful. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.”

Published 8 November 2021

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