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Case Study

Sarah Hinchcliffe-Smith

Ubisoft EMEA Consumer Relationship Centre based in Newcastle

HR Director

Apprenticeships have helped Ubisoft to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of their team. The programme provides a framework to develop professional and accredited digital community managers.

“A digital community manager is someone who picks up some of the more traditional digital marketing role and they are integral to build a community amongst our customers. They provide the voice of Ubisoft to the player network, as well as providing a player voice internally into the organisation so we can ensure we’re aligned with players needs and wishes when developing and releasing games.

“Many of our job roles didn’t exist five years ago and consequently there’s a lack of formal traditional education pathways for our talent to develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviour that we need. We were a little uncertain about the relevance of apprenticeships in the video game industry, so we developed our own standard that’s 100 per cent relevant to us in our industry. It’s difficult to see where an apprenticeship wouldn’t be relevant for anybody who’s operating a business today.

“Apprenticeships provide a great opportunity for us at Ubisoft to develop and diversify our team and allow the games industry to evolve in terms of skills, technology, and jobs. The on-the-job learning combined with more traditional learning delivered by the University, is an incredible foundation for our apprentices who we genuinely see as becoming future talents. The digital community manager programme provides a framework for us to develop professional and accredited digital community managers.”

Published 8 November 2021

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