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Sook Yee Chew

Penang, Malaysia

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Business Studies (EBS)

Whilst completing her BSc Nursing (Top-Up) course, Gwen chose to undertake the EAP and the EBS courses to help improve her confidence as an international student.

"I got to know about the University of Sunderland through a co-worker in my previous workplace. I have been working for eight years with a Diploma in Nursing and noticed most organisations are encouraging higher academic achievements amongst their employees. Also, I noticed all the work I have been doing is more routine but not challenging critical thinking. I wanted to attain a better academic status for future employment, change my thoughts in work and challenge myself to do more, even though I am already working comfortably.

The EAP and EBS courses helped prepare me in using the library, understanding academic literature, and constructing my own academic writing. I was better able to understand the content presented by the lecturers. The language courses helped give me more confidence with my course and so I didn’t need to rely on lecturers as much.

I found the English language courses helpful for my main course as I was able to understand how to search for, read and understand academic materials in a much more comprehensive way. EAP lecturers were easily approachable for constructive feedback.

I was working as Nursing Continuing Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (CQI&PS) Facilitator (equivalent to Nursing CQC, supervisor level), but I wanted to learn more and provide more to the organisation aside from my skills.

There are a few things that I really like about the course. Firstly, the class runs virtually. This means that I do not have to physically attend the class and I will be safe as the risk of exposing myself to Covid-19 is reduced. Second, the classes only run on Tuesdays, this gives me more time to read and prepare for classes. Third, the University cares about international students (student admin, course coordinator in Malaysia, transportation arrangement, financial, wellbeing concerns, library staff and so much more). I received a lot of support from the University. Fourth, the availability of English classes for international students. These classes helped me to be confident to speak, listen and write in English.

Prospective students should prepare their required documents ahead of time and discuss the process of enrolment with student admin who are really knowledgeable and fast to respond to any queries. Currently I am not working but there are a few managers who are willing to take me on once I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The University is very caring and provides a lot of support. I would recommend all international students to enrol in the EAP and EBS courses.”


Published 4 August 2021

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