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Why study Medicine at Sunderland?

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Published: 12 September 2018

Medicine is a challenging but highly-rewarding subject to study at university. A passion for the sciences, a willingness to help people and a commitment to learn are just some of the things you will need to succeed... but you know all that. So let’s cut to the chase. Why should you study Medicine at Sunderland?

The Sunderland experience

Sunderland is one of only five new medical schools, established to address the regional imbalance of medical education places across England and to widen access to ensure the profession reflects the communities it serves.

The University of Sunderland experience is different from most UK medical schools. We have a relatively small student intake, a city-centre campus by the sea and a supportive community with enthusiastic and committed staff.

It’s important to choose a medical school that provides the right balance of personal and professional development for you, that enables you to graduate as a fully competent and caring clinician.

The front entrance of the Sciences Complex at night

A healthy dose of quality tuition

At Sunderland, you’ll be taught by internationally-acclaimed academics in some of the UK’s most groundbreaking facilities, gaining unique insights into some of the health needs of our population. You’ll study in some of the best-performing Trusts in England and receive the right balance of personal and professional teaching methods.

We have an outstanding reputation for delivering a comprehensive range of health-related courses. You will study alongside pharmacists, nurses, paramedics, and biomedical, sport and physiological scientists, offering opportunities for inter-disciplinary working.

We’ve teamed up with the highly accredited Keele University School of Medicine to develop a new medical syllabus, which means you can be confident our course will truly deliver. Our aim is to train excellent and innovative clinicians, who are well prepared for future practice and the globalisation of health care.

It costs less than you might think

We’re sure you won’t need reminding that the financial rewards of a degree in Medicine are pretty great. Want to hear it anyway? The average medicine graduate is earning £46,600 five years after completing their course – the highest of any subject (according to PAYE and declared self-employment earnings data). Always a good thing to hear, isn’t it?

That might seem a little far away at the moment though – and we know getting to that point requires a sizeable investment in tuition fees first. At Sunderland, that investment isn’t quite as large as at other medical schools though – we offer a Cash Scholarship of £2,000. If you are a ‘home’ student and have an annual household income of £42,875 or less, it’s as simple as that – £1,000 in Year 1 and £1,000 in Year 2 will automatically be awarded simply by registering on the course. For full details, see the Scholarships, discounts and specialised grants section of our website.

Medicine students looking at human skeleton

Sunderland living is the perfect remedy

By studying in Sunderland, you’ll be based in a fantastic city by the sea – one which was shortlisted for City of Culture 2021 in fact. There’s a shortage of doctors here in the North East, which means you’ll be helping to address a national imbalance, plus the chances of you securing a job after you graduate should be pretty good too!

Sunderland is already a very affordable part of the country to live (it's the second most affordable city in the UK according to a 2018 ‘Graduate salaries in the UK’ survey conducted by Prospects Luminate, to be precise), but we know the university experience can add up.

To help ease the financial burden even further, we’re also offering first year MBChB Medicine students the opportunity to stay in our University-managed accommodation, Scotia Quay, free of charge in academic year 2020/21. This is a potential saving of almost £5,000!

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a 50% discount on our University-managed accommodation in your second year! Full details can be found in our Scholarships, discounts and specialised grants section, but the offer doesn’t stop there...

Placement travel won’t be a bitter pill to swallow

Placements will be a significant part of your third year at Sunderland as you look to put into practice everything you’ve learnt so far. We recognise that this is a hugely important stage of the course, and one which might require a bit more travelling than it normally takes to get to university.

To make things as easy as possible, we’re offering an expansion to our existing ‘Get There’ travel scholarship, intended to support travel costs during your placement year. Our Get There Scholarship already provides the option of free travel throughout the free public transport through Tyne and Wear or the North-East region (depending on your term-time address) during your first year, so getting yourself around should be a breeze. For more information, see our Scholarships, discounts and specialised grants section.

Students waiting for the Metro

So, in summary, Sunderland offers an outstanding combination of a distinctive curriculum, excellent educational and clinical resources, and a friendly environment where staff are keen to help you succeed in your medical career… not to mention a number of incredibly generous scholarships and discounts. Perhaps the more appropriate question is, why wouldn’t you study Medicine at Sunderland?


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