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Sunderland Student Law Clinic

A professionally supervised service, offering free legal advice and assistance from Sunderland Law School at the University of Sunderland.

The Law Clinic allows us to help people who maybe can’t afford legal representation, and at the same time, the students are getting the educational benefit in that they can practice law."

Welcome to the Sunderland Student Law Clinic.

We have now met the maximum number of new enquiries that we are able to assist with and are closed to any new enquiries. If you have made an enquiry with us before this date, your details will be kept on our waiting list and we will contact you shortly.

We will re-open for new enquiries from Monday 4 September 2023.

The law clinic is a limited resource operated by part-time staff and students during term time only. If your matter is urgent and cannot wait, then we would advise that you seek alternative legal advice such as from a solicitor or one of the organisations listed below.

Please also be aware that not all legal matters can be taken on as a case. This may be due to the complexity of the matter, a conflict of interest or areas of law we do not have expertise in; currently this is business law, commercial law and criminal law.

If you are an existing client, email law-clinic@sunderland.ac.uk or call 0191 515 2550 (voicemail facility only). If your matter has become urgent such as a court date coming up soon or deteriorating health, we recommend you seek legal assistance elsewhere such as:

Students: What the Law Clinic can offer you

You can choose to study in Sunderland Student Law Clinic in your final year of your undergraduate studies and all students studying to become a solicitor on our LLM Legal Practice LPC spend at least half a day each week in clinic, meaning that you have the opportunity to graduate with significant live work experience.

Sunderland Student Law Clinic offers advice and assistance in relation to property/land, family/children matters, divorce, employment law, residential housing, residential landlord/tenant, immigration, wills and probate, and lasting power of attorney. 

To date, the Law Clinic has provided assistance to over 600 clients and saved around £500,000 in legal costs. The clinic utilises the industry-standard CRM system, CLiO, providing you with an authentic legal practice experience.

The Law Clinic enables you to:

  • Work as part of a student law firm
  • Improve your client interviewing skills
  • Gain experience of writing professional legal advice
  • Enhance your graduate prospects with real-life practical experience
  • Receive training and support from experienced staff and learn the rules and procedures of working in a Law Clinic

How the Clinic works


If staff decide that a case can be undertaken, the client will be invited to come to the University for an initial interview. The case will be assigned to a student law firm under the supervision of Clinic staff.


The student law firm will conduct an interview with the client to find out essential information about the case. The students will then consult with Clinic staff to decide whether the case can be taken on.


Research will be undertaken into the client’s legal issues surrounding the case. The student law firm will then create a letter of advice which will be sent to the client instructing on a suitable course of action.