Postgraduate Research

"We are the tomorrow-makers, future shapers, boundary breakers."

Research practice at the University of Sunderland is stitched into the fabric of the institution. For almost 100 years, researchers at the University have been challenging themselves and their subject in order to improve society across all its facets - from the early days of pharmacy to the support for heavy industry at its height, through to today's new sciences and advanced technologies.

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Courses we offer

If you're curious about learning new things and making an original contribution to knowledge, a research degree provides an ideal framework for further study. Each degree is unique as it is built around your personal research on a topic of your choice. The only commonality between research degrees is generic training in research methods. Otherwise it is very much up to you to take your own initiative.

Postgraduate Research

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Research support

In each faculty/school, our postgraduate research students are supported by a Research Student Manager (RSM) who is responsible for all matters relating to research students, from registration through to graduation.

Your supervisor will have a vital role in advising and supporting you, by helping you to think about fresh possibilities and to avoid dead-ends. It’s important that your supervisor has expertise in the broad area of your research even if not in its exact details. Check our Research Staff Profiles which will show our researchers expertise – the function gives you the option to search by faculty/school or a specific subject search.

Your supervisory team will consist of a Director of Studies (lead supervisor) and at least one additional co-supervisor.

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What will be the outcome?

A research degree is an elite qualification. By completing a research degree you will have achieved something significant. You will have contributed to your chosen field of study and, at a personal level, you will have demonstrated great persistence and stretched yourself with one of the greatest of academic challenges.

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