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Step into the first year of your degree with confidence with StudyPLUS. Log in to your StudyPLUS account today to access great discounts, personalised book bundles and materials specially curated for you and your course.


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Undergraduate students who started in 2022/23

If you started university for the first time on an undergraduate or Integrated Foundation Year course in 2022/23, you will be eligible to access £20 of funds to be spent on a range of items. Use StudyPLUS to buy books, stationery, study tools, and more from our online store. You can also top up your account with additional funds to spend on the huge range of learning resources and everyday living items that StudyPLUS offers.

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How do I access my StudyPLUS account?

If you are eligible for the £20 fund, you will receive an email from StudyPLUS or the University outlining what steps you will need to take. For all other students, you will need to register through the StudyPLUS website using your university email and password to allow you to access through Single Sign-on in the future.

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Integrated Foundation Year (IFY) and Year 1 MBChB Medicine student book bundles

IFY and Year 1 Medicine students will receive free specially curated book bundles designed to help with the first stage of the university degree. These will be available to collect at designated times as part of the induction into the courses.


Who is eligible for StudyPLUS?

If you are a fee-paying, new to university undergraduate student in academic year 2022/23 then you will receive a StudyPLUS award. It is open to students who are studying on-campus at Sunderland. PGCE, Masters and PhD students are not eligible.

What if I’m a continuing student?

Please refer to these continuing student guidance notes on StudyPLUS.

What is it worth?

You will receive £20 of funds in Semester 1 to spend in the StudyPLUS online store.

When can I access my funds?

Your funds will be available to you within 48 hours of enrolling at the University.

What can I buy?

You can choose from a wide selection of textbooks, stationery and other learning materials.

What happens if I don't spend the money by the end of the academic year?

If you don’t spend all your StudyPlus funds this academic year, then they will be removed.

Is this a loan? Do I have to pay it back?

Your StudyPLUS fund is not a loan and you do not have to pay it back! StudyPLUS is there to support you in stocking up on study and other university essentials.

Where can I spend my StudyPLUS funds?

Online at the StudyPLUS website.

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