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Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme

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The Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme is for University of Sunderland alumni (graduates) who continue or return to study with the University of Sunderland and enrol on a full or part-time postgraduate course on either of our Sunderland campuses, including Dance City and Northern Academy of Music Education (NAME). 

All full-time and part-time students will receive a 20% fee waiver on the cost of their course fees after any other scholarships or fee waiver deductions have been applied (net fee).

Who's eligible?

Eligible students

The scheme is available to self-funding graduates (alumni) of the University of Sunderland.

To be eligible for this scheme you will have been awarded a relevant undergraduate (Level 6) or postgraduate (Level 7) qualification either:

For clarification on qualification levels, please see the Government’s website.

Eligible courses

Eligible courses include any postgraduate taught course of study resulting in the following awards:

Or any postgraduate research course resulting in the following awards:

Who's not eligible?

Current University of Sunderland employees who have their fees funded by the University are not eligible for this discount.

MA Social Work students in receipt of the Social Work bursary are not eligible for the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount. The University will identify those students in receipt of the Social Work bursary at the end of November 2024. Any MA Social Work student not in receipt of the Social Work bursary, will then be eligible to receive the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount.

Independent Learners and Transnational Education (TNE) Independent Learners who study off campus are not eligible for the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme.

Aziz Foundation scholars are not eligible to receive any other University of Sunderland scholarships, bursaries or discounts including the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount.

Eligible courses must have a course start date between 1 August 2024 and 31 July 2025.

Excluded courses

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses are not eligible for the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount.

Apprenticeship courses are not eligible for the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount.

Postgraduate courses supported by the NHS Learning Support Fund for example, MNurse.

Courses taught through Sunderland Online are eligible for a 10% discount. Please visit the Sunderland Online or read the Sunderland Online Alumni Discount guidance notes for further information.

Minimum credits

Courses bearing less than 180 credits are not eligible for the Postgraduate Alumni Loyalty Discount.

Courses with a start date beyond 31 July 2025

This scheme will be reviewed in December 2024 when we seek to publish updated terms and conditions for courses starting after 31 July 2025.

Terms of discount

The discount is applicable for the standard period of the course. Where a student enters into an abeyance or intercalates (i.e., a period of absence or withdrawal), necessitating a delay to the course end date, the Director of Student Journey will review ongoing eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Please note, alumni are required to meet any specific entry criteria for each course. These can be found on the relevant course pages on the University website.

If a scholarship or bursary payment is made to you in error, the University reserves the right to recover any awards or overpayments from you, the student. This may result in you being asked to repay an award if it was paid to you in error. It is also the responsibility of you, the student, to ensure that all awards and payments received are accurate. Any payment discrepancies will be rectified by the University or the student.

How do I apply?

You do not need to apply for this scheme. If you are eligible, then you will automatically receive the discount.

How will this offer be applied?

The University of Sunderland will verify the alumni status of students continuing or returning to study.

Upon enrolment, eligible students will have the 20% discount applied automatically to their account once any other scholarships or fee waiver deductions have been applied (net fee). Fees due for payment should reflect this discount.


Every effort is made to ensure that all details included in these guidance notes are correct at the time of writing. They are intended to act as an information source only for potential bursary applicants and in no way should they be considered legally binding or guarantee an award of a bursary.

The University will not be deemed to be in breach of any legal or contractual obligations due to changes to eligibility criteria beyond the reasonable control of the University. It should therefore be noted that these guidance notes are regularly reviewed and are naturally subject to change from time to time sometimes without notice. The University’s decision is final.

Published: 9 July 2024