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At the University of Sunderland we are committed to sustainable practices in all we do. We proactively seek ways to make positive changes to our environment by reusing, recycling and reducing all that we can and helping natural habitats develop and thrive across our estate. We are also working closely with partners, including the City Council, on Sunderland’s longer-term commitments to environmental sustainability. We are bringing all of this activity into revitalising our comprehensive Environmental Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Plans. These will be in place by end of 2021 to guide future direction, but in the meantime we have plenty of sustainability initiatives under way.

For further information, email hse@sunderland.ac.uk.

Carbon management and reduction

As part of the Environmental and Sustainable Development strategy, we are committed to the responsible use of energy throughout our entire business.

Learn more about our commitment

Waste disposal

We have a Total Waste Management contract which ensures that as much waste as possible is recycled and that all waste is disposed of through registered carriers.

Find out how we dispose of our waste

Environmental events and initiatives

There are a wide range of national and international environmental events and initiatives throughout the year that you can get involved in.

Discover environmental events and initiatives

Sustainable travel

We have fantastic links via public transport, which makes sustainable travel between campuses and around the local area incredibly easy.

Find out about our sustainable travel plan


Biodiversity is about the variety and variability of life on earth. We all contribute in one way or the other to biodiversity. At the University of Sunderland, we try and encourage biodiversity in many ways.

Learn more about the ways we encourage biodiversity

Digital First

The University of Sunderland supports a Digital First strategy which introduces technology that gives us an opportunity to behave in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Find out more about our Digital First strategy

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