The University of Sunderland is committed to applying sustainable principles across all of its business interests. Our role in society and the impact higher education has on our communities is fully understood and embedded within the University’s corporate vision and organisational values.

The University is committed to achieving an ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions by 43% by 2020.

For further information, contact Facilities Helpdesk on (0191) 515 3366 or, or view our HR Environment information.

Declaration of commitment

As part of the Environmental and Sustainable Development strategy, the University of Sunderland is committed to the responsible use of energy throughout its entire business.

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Waste disposal

The University of Sunderland has a Total Waste Management contract with O'Briens Waste Management. This ensures that as much waste as possible is recycled and that all waste is disposed of through registered carriers.

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The Big Turn Off

The Big Turn Off campaign is the University's energy awareness campaign and aims to encourage staff and students to reduce wasted energy, for example, by turning off non-essential electrical equipment and lighting when no longer needed.

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Behavioural change

As part of the University's behavioural change strategy to reduce our carbon emissions, we have launched a new environmental campaign called 'Everyday Behaviours'.

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