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Professor Yongqiang Cheng

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Professor of AI

I have research interests in AI/ML, smart systems and digital healthcare technologies, robotics, WSN, and networking. I hold a world-class research track record of working/leading on over 15 projects. 

I have produced 100+ papers in leading international journals and highly prestigious conferences. I am a member of BCS, IEEE, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Chinese Automation and Computing Society (CACSUK), and Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

I am an associate editor of Elsevier Neurocomputing, IEEE Access, and guest editor of several MDPI journals. I am the general conference chair of ICAC2024 and actively serve as a technical programme committee member or session chair of several reputable International Conferences.

I have successfully supervised 8 PhDs and welcome PhD applications in all relevant areas.

Teaching and supervision

I lead module CET 300 and supervise students in module PROMO2.

PhD supervisions:


  • Mr F Cao, acoustic localisation using deep learning. (CSC scholarship).
  • Mr H Alkaraawi, Machine learning-based assistance to improve quality of life of cancer patients, co-supervisor
  • Ms H Maraha, Intelligent System for Biomedical Images Analysis, co-supervisor
  • Mr Y Chang, Autonomous Navigation for Quadrotor UAV in complex indoor environments based on Image Enhancement and Sensor Fusion, lead supervisor (CSC scholarship)
  • Mr Y Xue, AI in plastic circular economic, co-supervisor


  • Mr James Morris, MSc by research, Lead supervisor, Design and implementation of a wheelchair ergometer for interactive, entertaining rehabilitation and data capturing, lead supervisor
  • Dr Albert Dulian (part-time), Short-term motion prediction of autonomous vehicles in complex environments: A Deep Learning approach, lead supervisor
  • Dr T Dang, Deep learning and sentiment analysis for high-frequency stock prediction, lead supervisor.
  • Dr P Quintero, AI for radiotherapy, co-supervisor
  • Dr G Lacey, Using Artificial Epigenetic Models to Develop Modularity and Transparency within Biologically Inspired Connectionist Architectures, lead supervisor
  • Dr A Schoene, AI for emotion detection in tweets, co-supervisor
  • Dr D Xue, A smart healthcare robot using ambient intelligence, lead supervisor  (CSC scholarship)
  • Dr M Al Khaldy, Autoencoder for clinical data analysis and classification: data imputation, dimensional reduction, and pattern recognition, co-supervisor
  • Dr R Munnoch, Personal data gathering and management for a patient-centred health care system, co-supervisor

Research interests for potential research students

I welcome PhD applications in areas of AI/ML, smart systems and digital healthcare technologies, robotics, WSN, and networking. If you're unsure, feel free to get in touch.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD applications are also welcomed, please get in touch with me.


Recent projects:

  • 2023–2025, Smart speaker for smart record keeping aimed at adult social care, Innovative UK KTP, £181k, CI
  • 2022–2023, Sensors, big data, and AI-based Intelligent Decision Assistant for agricultural enterprises. Innovative UK, £170k, CI
  • 2020–2023, Point of care integrated vital sign monitor, Innovative UK KTP, £329K, PI
  • 2019, Online home-based exercise programme for prevention and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, NIHR, £5k, CI
  • 2018–2019, Generation of an online platform/app to develop individualised home-based personal training/exercise programmes for obesity and other obesity-associated medical conditions for personalised medicine, HEIF, £47,942, CI
  • 2017–2019, Digital Stethoscope for Health Monitoring, NCS Group Ltd., £16,339, PI
  • 2013–2017, Vital sign monitor, iMonSys Ltd. £36K. CI(2014-15)/PI(2015-17)


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