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Computing Staff Profiles

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  1. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Senior Lecturer
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  2. Elizabeth A. Gandy

    Elizabeth A. Gandy

    Senior Lecturer
    View Elizabeth A. Gandy profile
  3. Chris Knowles

    Chris Knowles

    Senior Lecturer
    View Chris Knowles profile
  4. Stephen Swales

    Stephen Swales

    Senior Lecturer
    View Stephen Swales profile
  5. David Nelson

    David Nelson

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
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  6. Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence

    Senior Lecturer
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  7. John Murray

    John Murray

    Academic Dean – Faculty of Technology
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  8. Lynne Hall

    Lynne Hall

    Professor of Computer Science
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  9. Susan Jane Jones

    Susan Jane Jones

    Principal Lecturer and Team Leader
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  10. Ken McGarry

    Ken McGarry

    Associate Professor in Computer Science
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  11. Gilbert Cockton

    Gilbert Cockton

    Professorial Research Fellow
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  12. Kate MacFarlane

    Kate MacFarlane

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
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  13. Philip Irving

    Philip Irving

    Senior Lecturer
    View Philip Irving profile
  14. Simon Kendal

    Simon Kendal

    Senior Lecturer
    View Simon Kendal profile
  15. Alastair Irons

    Alastair Irons

    Academic Director for Digital Education
    View Alastair Irons profile
  16. Kathy Clawson

    Kathy Clawson

    Interim Head of School of Computer Science
    View Kathy Clawson profile
  17. David Grey

    David Grey

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
    View David Grey profile
  18. Mark Bennison

    Mark Bennison

    Senior Lecturer in Programming and Games Development
    View Mark Bennison profile
  19. Ming Jiang

    Ming Jiang

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
    View Ming Jiang profile
  20. Jon Timmis

    Jon Timmis

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Commercial)
    View Jon Timmis profile
  21. David Evans

    David Evans

    Senior Lecturer in Computing
    View David Evans profile
  22. Bernie Murphy

    Bernie Murphy

    Senior Lecturer
    View Bernie Murphy profile
  23. Shell Young

    Shell Young

    Senior Lecturer
    View Shell Young profile
  24. Gavin McClary

    Gavin McClary

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
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  25. Sardar Jaf

    Sardar Jaf

    Senior Lecturer
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  26. Les Kingham

    Les Kingham

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
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  27. Sharon McDonald

    Sharon McDonald

    Professor of Human-Computer Interaction
    View Sharon McDonald profile
  28. Colin Gray

    Colin Gray

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Forensics
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