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Professor Dr Beryl Graham

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Expert for press contact

Emeritus Professor of New Media Art

I retired from full-time employment with the University in 2022, and I'm now Emeritus Professor of New Media Art. I am co-founder and editor of CRUMB, the resource for curators of new media art.

I curated the international exhibition Serious Games for the Laing and Barbican art galleries, and have also worked with The Exploratorium, San Francisco, and San Francisco Camerawork. I have been an invited speaker at conferences including Navigating Intelligence (Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada), Decoding the Digital (Victoria and Albert Museum), and Cultural Value and the Digital (Tate Modern).

Teaching and supervision

My past employment by the University has included the Art and Design Research Training programme, MA Curating programme leader, being Principal Investigator for AHRC Research Grants, and supervising research students:

PhD supervisions have included:
  • Carole Baker (2000) Imaging the animal: Visual media representation within creative practice.
  • Sarah Cook (2004) The search for a third way of curating new media art: Balancing content and context in and out of the institution.
  • Ele Carpenter (2008) Politicized socially engaged art and new media art.
  • Dominic Smith (2011) Models of Open Source Production Compared To Participative Systems In New Media Art. AHRC-funded.
  • Graham Harwood (2014) Database machinery as cultural object - art as enquiry.
  • Victoria Bradbury (2015) The Performativity of Code in Participatory New Media Artworks.
  • Marialaura Ghidini (2015) Curating Web-based Art exhibitions: Mapping their Integration with Offline Formats of Display. AHRC-funded.
  • Suzy O’Hara (2016) Collaborations between Arts and Commercial Digital Industry Sectors: A Curatorial Practice-led Investigation of Modes of Production. AHRC-funded.
  • Ed Carter (2019) Rhythm, Scale, and Liminality: Sonic composition and interdisciplinary artwork developed in response to architectural contexts. AHRC-funded.
  • Dani Admiss (2019) How Could the Tactical Affects of ‘World-building’ in Art and Design Inform Critical Curatorial Practice?  AHRC-funded.
  • Dawn Bothwell, (2019) Regional Intermedia: A Study of the Intermedia Approaches to Curating (1964 -1990) in North East England. AHRC-funded.
  • Jo Joelson (2020) Library of Light: An Artistic Framework To Explore Light, Material Culture And Social Experience. AHRC-funded.
  • Rene Cepeda (2020) Curation and Display of Interactive New Media Art: Making a Manual.
  • Liam Jefferies (2020) When Space Becomes Interface: Mobile Augmented Reality, Audiences and Engagement in Cultural Institutions. AHRC-funded.
  • Bruce Gilchrist (2022) Poetics of Artificial Intelligence in Art Practice: (Mis)apprehended Bodies Remixed as Language. AHRC/NPIF-funded.
  • Stamatis Schizakis, Plugged In: The Introduction of New Media Practices in Greece.
  • Catrina Ure, Audience evaluation of digital art experiences; lightening the load for smaller cultural organisations. AHRC/NPIF-funded.
  • Ben Evans James, Parafactual Artist Film: Extending the Curatorial through Filmic Processes. AHRC-funded.
  • Matthew Olaseni Gansallo, Digital and Traditional Art Curatorial Practice: Connectivity and Distribution in Post Colonial Museums/Art Galleries in West Africa and Europe. AHRC-funded.
  • Georgia Smithson, New Collecting and Distribution Models for Contemporary Media Art. AHRC/NPIF-funded.
  • Janine Sykes, Rethinking Curation as Blended Practice. AHRC-funded.


I am Professor of New Media Art at the University of Sunderland, and co-founder of CRUMB resource for curators of new media art. I curated the international exhibition Serious Games for the Laing and Barbican art galleries. My books include Digital Media Art (Heinemann 2003), Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media (MIT Press 2010 with Sarah Cook), and New Collecting: Exhibiting and Audiences (Ashgate 2014 edition) I have written for periodicals including Art Monthly, Leonardo, and the Journal of Curatorial Studies. I have been an invited speaker at conferences including Navigating Intelligence (Banff Centre for the Arts), Decoding the Digital (Victoria and Albert Museum), and Cultural Value and the Digital (Tate Modern).

My major areas of research interest are: Curating new media art, with a particular interest in interactive and participatory art, and concepts of audience. Recently, my research has concentrated on systems of collecting new media art.

I have particular experience in supervising art and design practice-led research, and my own PhD concerned audience relationships with interactive art in gallery settings.

Leading the MA Curating course, the Professional Development Course in London means that my research feeds into academic and professional education at all levels.

I have raised over £1million from AHRC for research grants where I was Principal Investigator, and been involved in successful applications for 2 AHRC studentship collaborations worth over £2million.

I was involved in the Creative FUSE NE bid and I am a named Investigator, and line manager of Post-Doctoral worker and AHRC student alumna, Suzy O’Hara.


Number of items: 70.


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Book Section

Graham, Beryl (2021) The Cheapness of Writing Paper, and Code: Materiality, Exhibiting and Audiences after New Media Art. In: Object—Event—Performance: Art, Materiality, and Continuity since the 1960s. Cultural Histories of the Material World . Bard Graduate Center, New York, pp. 235-258. ISBN 9781941792223

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Reports, briefing/ working papers

Graham, Beryl (2016) Art Institutions of the 21st Century. Project Report. Montabonel Foundation, London.

Conference or Workshop Item

Graham, Beryl (2021) What is the shape of a PhD research process? In: Research Student Training Seminars, 28 January 2021, Glasgow, Graduate School of the College of Arts, University of Glasgow.

Graham, Beryl (2020) Curating Art after New Media - Professional Development Course. In: Curating Art after New Media – Professional Development Course, Feb 2014 to Feb 2020 and ongoing, London, UK.

Graham, Beryl (2019) Promises and Realities of Digital Technologies. In: Credit — a discussion about monetisation and value in the art world, 30 November 2019, London, UK (Central St. Martins).

Graham, Beryl (2019) Curating and Collecting Interaction. In: Sentient Circuitries: Digital Media Art Symposium, 16 Nov 2019, Vancouver, Canada.

Graham, Beryl (2019) CRUMB Radio Hour. In: Unfinished List radio streams, a project by ShuLea Chang for Ars Electronica, 8 September 2019, Online, hosted from Austria.

Graham, Beryl (2019) An Aesthetics of Interaction and Participation? New Media Art, and Histories of Exhibitions. In: The Age of Art. Aesthetics and grammar of contemporary artistic languages, 16 Nov 2019, Italy, Florence, University of Florence.

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Graham, Beryl (2018) New Materialities and New Collecting: Future Exhibiting and Audiences After New Media Art (conference presentation). In: International Symposium: What do Museums Collect?, 29 Nov-1 Dec 2018, Seoul, Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA).

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Joelson, Jo (2020) Library of Light: An artistic framework to explore light, material culture and social experience. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.

Carter, Ed (2019) Rhythm, Scale, and Liminality: Sonic composition and interdisciplinary artwork developed in response to architectural contexts. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.


Graham, Beryl (2011) DEmaterial: Electronic Village Galleries. 2011, Online and in rural locations in Cornwall.


Graham, Beryl (2021) Startup meets Artist programme, MediaFutures.eu. UNSPECIFIED.

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  • Curating new media art
  • Interactive and participatory art
  • Collecting new media art
  • Digital art
  • Creative industries
  • Net art
  • Software art

I have acted as External Examiner for over 12 PhDs, including in Sweden and Australia.

Selected Membership of professional bodies award and review panels:
  • AHRC Peer Review College
  • Austrian Science Fund (Arts) research council reviewer
  • International Centre for Photography: Infinity Awards. New York. Invited Jury member
  • University of Salford Art Collection Peer Review Invited panel member
  • Arts Council England creative industries policy Invited to advise by Neil Harris Senior Relationship Manager at Arts Council England
  • Montabonel Foundation Media in the Expanded Field: Curators and museum professionals’ Think TankPuerto Escondido, Mexico. Invited
  • European Union project PERICLES (FP7), Tate. Project Advisory Board
  • Database of Virtual Art (Berlin Humboldt Univ.) International Advisory Board
    Leonardo Electronic Almanac Editorial Board (USA)

Selected External Scrutineer of Proposed New Courses:
  • 2017 Slade School of Art, UCL, London (Masters)
  • 2017 University of the West of England, Bristol (Masters)

Selected External Assessor of Courses:
  • 2014-17 University of the West of England, Bristol (MA Curating)


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