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Arts Staff Profiles

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  1. Mary Watson

    Mary Watson

    Ceramics Technician
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  2. Tim Betterton

    Tim Betterton

    Technical Support Team Manager (Glass and Ceramics)
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  3. Graham Bowes

    Graham Bowes

    Fine Art Technician
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  4. Stephen Turner

    Stephen Turner

    Senior Technician Darkroom Photography
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  5. Robert Winter

    Robert Winter

    Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Glass and Ceramics
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  6. Suzy O'Hara

    Suzy O'Hara

    Lecturer in Digital Arts and Enterprise
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  7. Ralf Broeg

    Ralf Broeg

    Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
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  8. Natalie Gale

    Natalie Gale

    Academic Tutor
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  9. Mike Collier

    Professor Mike Collier

    Professor of Visual Art
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  10. Michael Daglish

    Michael Daglish

    Senior Technician Digital Arts (Photography)
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  11. Marjolaine Ryley

    Marjolaine Ryley

    Senior Lecturer in Photography
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  12. Lothar Goetz

    Lothar Goetz

    Reader in Fine Art
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  13. Kevin Petrie

    Professor Kevin Petrie

    Head of the School of Art and Design
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  14. Joanne Mitchell

    Dr Joanne Mitchell

    Waterjet Technician
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  15. James Maskrey

    James Maskrey

    Senior Technician in Glass
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  16. James Hutchinson

    James Hutchinson

    Programme Leader BA Fine Art, MA Fine Art Pathway and Fine Art PhD Supervisor
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  17. Graham Mitchinson

    Graham Mitchinson

    Senior Technician Digital Arts (Fine Art)
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  18. Craig Ames

    Craig Ames

    Senior Lecturer in Photography
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  19. Fiona Larkin

    Dr Fiona Larkin

    Lecturer in Fine Art
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  20. Colin Rennie

    Colin Rennie

    Senior Lecturer
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  21. Cate Watkinson

    Dr Cate Watkinson

    Research Culture Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Architectural Glass
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  22. Carol McKay

    Dr Carol McKay

    Arts Team Leader
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  23. Beryl Graham

    Professor Dr Beryl Graham

    Emeritus Professor of New Media Art
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  24. Arabella Plouviez

    Professor Arabella Plouviez

    Dean of Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
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  25. Andrew Livingstone PhD

    Professor Andrew Livingstone PhD

    Professor of Ceramics
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  26. Alexandra Moschovi

    Dr Alexandra Moschovi

    Professor of Photography/Curating, Research Student Manager
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  27. Johannah Churchill

    Johannah Churchill

    Lecturer in Contemporary Photography
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  28. Clive Jackson

    Clive Jackson

    Academic Tutor
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