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Graham Mitchinson

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Senior Technician Digital Arts (Fine Art)

I have a keen interest in all aspects of creativity and production, both as an artist and facilitator. I have exhibited video/music/prints/web/digital art internationally for a number of years both as a solo artist or with collaborators such as James Hutchinson.

I have designed and produced several print publications, such as the last six Fine Art Degree Show catalogues.

I can offer workshops in Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, 3D modelling, and Ableton Live. Working within this field there are always new techniques to master and that's half the fun. 


Number of items: 6.


Hutchinson, James (2017) 3d Glitch catalogue. 3d glitch, JANUARY 19 2017 - FEBRUARY 10 2017, Filodrammatica Gallery Korzo 28/1, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia.

Hutchinson, James and Mitchinson, Graham (2014) TCS3.0 for Untouchable noise curated by Franko B. Untouchable Noise, 23 November 2014, The flying dutchman.

Hutchinson, James and Mitchinson, Graham (2014) Triangles Circles and squares. New contemporary art fair, 29 - 31 Aug 2014, Old Shire Hall Durham, UK.

Hutchinson, James (2014) un equilibrium. un equlibrium, 7 Mar – 2 Apr 2014, system gallery Newcastle.

Hutchinson, James, Goetz, Lothar, Mitchinson, Graham and loebbecke, renate (2013) Moving Artbox. movingartbox, 26 Apr 2013, new kunstverein wuppertal.


Hutchinson, James, Shaw, Tamara, Chatzipavlou, Areti and Mitchinson, Graham (2018) Bagist sailboat performance. [Video]

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  • Video production 
  • Audio production 
  • Large format printing 
  • Design, layout, publication 
  • 3D design and production
  • Computer arts

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