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James Hutchinson

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MA Fine Art Programme Leader

Contemporary Artist and MA Fine Art Programme Leader recent screenings performances and exhibitions include: Bagist Sailboat Performance
Fabricated, Nine paintings with no more nails and 3DGlitch.

My practice embraces a wide variety of media. I run a studio in Whitley Bay with on going drawing, painting, digital sculpture, and photographic projects.

I have worked with architects on regeneration projects and collaborated on sound and performance works as one half of H+M. I am a member of the space/socialspace research group and Ars Mathematica Paris.

Teaching and supervision

I am Programme Leader for MA Fine Art and alongside other staff, teach into both studio and Theory Modules including:
  • ARTM27 Contemporary Fine Art Studio Practice: ‘Test It’
  • ARTM36  Contemporary Fine Art Professional Practice: ‘Digital Document'
  • ARTM35 Contemporary Fine Art Studio Practice: ‘Do It’
  • ARTM39  Contemporary Fine Art Research Project: Reflect
  • ARTM37 Contemporary Fine Art Professional Practice: Exhibition 

    As Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Fine Art, I am Stage 3 Leader overseeing new modules ART360 Practice Publication Pitch and the new stage 2 Module ART280 Fine Art and Society. All stages make use of the Shaun Project Space to present their work. I also teach fine art and digital skills into Foundation Extended and I am also a PhD 2nd Supervisor for Helen Pailling.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Contemporary Art
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Performance
  • 3D Digital Printing
  • VR
  • Moving Image
  • Sound


My research sits in the territory defined as ‘digital’. My output has origins in the physical processes of drawing, painting and printmaking. My preference is to draw with a mobile phone or construct ‘sculpture and objects’ through the use of appropriate software. I have also taken imagery from digital sources into the physical world, through exhibitions and commissioned work.


Number of items: 78.

Book Section

Hutchinson, James and Dorrian, Edward (2020) All plastic bags are art. In: Being together is not enough. Public Series, 1 (8). Five years. ISBN 9781903724187

Hutchinson, James (2018) Reprint. In: reprint. Marmalade, pp. 168-177. ISBN 9780993337321

Dorrian, Edward and Hutchinson, James (2014) (Im)Possible School Book. As Found. In: (Im)Possible School Book. As Found. Public Series Edition 2014 . five Years, London, pp. 37-96. ISBN 9781903724101

Conference or Workshop Item

Hutchinson, James (2019) James Hutchinson Art 2019. In: European Symposium on Additive Manufacturing, June 26-28 2019, Ecole Centrale Supelec France.


Hutchinson, James, Davies, Peter, Carpenter, Ele and Robinson, Alistair (2011) ‘To The Future’ A monograph on the work of James Hutchinson from 2007-2011. Art Editions North. ISBN 9780954911997

Hutchinson, James and Davies, Peter (2007) James Hutchinson Works 2004 - 2007. Art Editions North. ISBN 9781873757475

Davies, Peter (2004) Random Architecture. Art Editions North. ISBN 9781873757208


Hutchinson, James (2017) ‘Clay cage Blocky’. [Artefact]

Hutchinson, James (2017) Mercury Remixed installed at mesh Gallery Oldham. [Artefact]

Hutchinson, James (2017) Texan blob and plastic bag scan installation shot mesh exhibition gallery oldham. [Artefact]

Hutchinson, James (2016) Mercury Remixed 1:1 Manchester School of Art. [Artefact]

Hutchinson, James (2013) The house of ears. [Artefact]

Hutchinson, James Corral. [Artefact]


Hutchinson, James, Jaf, Sardar and Lewis, Nick (2020) Cybercage. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2019) Sleeping Shepherd Remixed Epicentre routers centre del carme valencia o1-17. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2019) The spear bearer remixed by James Hutchinson for acropolis remix. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2018) 'all Plastic bags are art' (Performance). [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Smith, Dominic, Dickson, Erin, Nissan, Bettina and Rennie, Colin (2018) Fabricated group show Hexham. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2017) Clay Cage. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2016) Saga (Tamaran). [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Walker, Zoe and Bromwich, Neil (2015) 'Towards Concrete'. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2015) The House of Ears at the What Things May Come exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James and Mitchinson, Graham (2014) TCS3.0 for Untouchable noise curated by Franko B. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James and Sickert, Walter (2014) 'JH/WS Glitch' as part of Glitch Space at Tate Britain. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James and Mitchinson, Graham (2014) Triangles Circles and squares. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2014) Exhibition at The European Forum on Additive Manufacturing. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Bainbridge, Eric, Goetz, Lothar and Broeg, Ralf (2014) socialspace. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2014) Towards a new Brutalism. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James and Bielik, Karl (2014) 'Two Black Circles' for OFF THE WALL The 9th Terrace Annual Open 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2014) un equilibrium. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Goetz, Lothar, Mitchinson, Graham and loebbecke, renate (2013) Moving Artbox. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2011) TO THE FUTURE NGCA transition space Sunderland. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James and Aitchison, Thomas (2011) We all own the Mona Lisa. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2011) Circuit. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2011) Circuit. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) COMVIDEO. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) Unrealised Potential. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) Berliner Liste 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) From the earth to the space exobiology and biodiversity... [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) The Hairy Project Berlin Liste. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) New prints From Northern Print. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) Hotspur Creatures. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) Roker Gates commission shortlist. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) Billboard. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) The Late shows. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2010) CGI Fridays. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Intersculpt 2009 From the Earth to the stars: the Darwinautes' travels. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Gun. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Open source Embroidery. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Shaggy modernism. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) Connecting principle 08. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) arts centre washington. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) 10: The Chris Orr Years 1998-2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) 7TH LESSEDRA WORLD ART PRINT ANNUAL - MINI PRINT 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) Unique and original. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) Archive DVD. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2008) The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2007) Abstraction. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2004) Drawn. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2003) Laptop Lovers. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2001) Ex Machina. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James 3d Glitch catalogue. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Manny, Gregg, Carl, Hutchinson, James and MacDonald, Alistair Leonardo Objects Group show. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James Monolith and Amkahm. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James Nine paintings with no more nails. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Goldsworthy, Janine and Branthwaite, Michael Ny Show #1 works by James Hutchinson carpet pixel modulation 1-4 and black space invader. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James OB1 Digital video still from space/socialspace exhibition at workplace gallery. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Goldsworthy, Janine and Branthwaite, Michael 'Soundimage' 8min DVD, ‘BB4’ and ‘Texas Blob’ 3d Prints Ny Show#2. [Show/Exhibition]


Hutchinson, James (2009) Platform 00000009. [Performance]

Hutchinson, James (2009) ghost trace stellar. [Performance]


Hutchinson, James (2013) Cubist emoji. [Image]

Hutchinson, James (2013) Goed computer model for digiplasty. [Image]


Hutchinson, James, Shaw, Tamara, Chatzipavlou, Areti and Mitchinson, Graham (2018) Bagist sailboat performance. [Video]

Hutchinson, James (2014) GB1. [Video]

Ley, Marcia and Hutchinson, James (2012) I've never passed my cycling proficiency test. [Video] (Unpublished)


Hutchinson, James (2020) Applying innovative processes to Performance, Sculpture and interactive computer art [Research portfolio]. UNSPECIFIED.

Hutchinson, James (2017) Data Block: Post-Punk Remix [Research portfolio]. Digital sculpture.

Hutchinson, James (2009) media exchange commission. Pending Details, TBA.

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