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James Maskrey

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Senior Technician in Glass

I have a career in hot glass spanning over 25 years. Having originally trained as an apprentice at a glass studio in Dorset, I went on to gain a BA (Hons) degree from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and an MA with distinction from the University of Sunderland.

I help to support the delivery of our undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and, as part of the artist access schemes run by the University and National Glass Centre, I also facilitate and manage many projects for visiting artists.

I have exhibited my own work widely, internationally and have been recognised with inclusion in many public and private collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Museum of Scotland and The Crafts Council.

Teaching and supervision

As a specialised technical member of staff much of my role involves the teaching of process through practical workshops and demonstrations. This includes specialist support, knowledge transfer and facilitation to undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff, visiting artists and external organisations.

I have a passionate interest in the education of hot glass and have led masterclasses through invitation at Glazenhuis (Lommel, Belgium), Bildwerk (Frauenau, Germany), Cesty Skla (Sazava, Czech Republic) and Northlands Creative Glass (Lybster, Scotland).


With a devout passion for making, my research is largely practice-based. With over 25 years' glassmaking experience, I have developed a large repertoire of traditional techniques and coupled these by embracing the incorporation of new technologies where appropriate.

My main research interests involve the more peculiar or lesser known facts which more recently have encompassed voyages of discovery, endeavour and exploration. The major outcomes of these artworks and research are exhibition based bodies of work and subsequent publications and lectures.


Number of items: 66.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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Odundo, Magdalene and Maskrey, James (2014) Transition II. [Artefact]

Maskrey, James (2014) Terra Nova Pocket Diary & The Shore Part Black Perigord & Aba Madonna. [Artefact]

Maskrey, James (2013) Antarctic Work. [Artefact]

Maskrey, James Cook Series. [Artefact]

Maskrey, James Darwin. [Artefact]

Maskrey, James Food and Drink. [Artefact]


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  • Contemporary glass practice
  • Multi disciplinary glass techniques
  • Traditional glassmaking techniques
  • Facilitation of art projects
  • Design and technical consultancy
As part of the artist access schemes conducted through the University and National Glass Centre and my individual specialism, I have facilitated and managed glass projects for many renowned artists including Richard Slee, Bruce McLean, Magdalene Odundo, William Tillyer and Nicholas Pope.
All these projects have included student and alumni assistants. Their inclusion in this process has been key in both their development and the success of these projects.

I am a practicing glass artist with an interest for all things peculiar - fact and fiction, historic and contemporary. My focus is very much on the continued dissemination of glass skills to our future creatives in an attempt to keep the passion for this craft and its artistic outcomes alive.

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