Dr Joanne Mitchell

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Waterjet Technician

I am a Glass Artist and Waterjet Technician. I undertake waterjet programming and cutting in the Glass and Ceramics department, facilitating digital glass work for BA, MA and PhD students, artist residencies and commercial projects. My research investigates the combination of waterjet and kiln forming to control complex air bubbles in the glass space for artistic expression.


PhD Thesis: Precision Air Entrapment Through Applied Digital and Kiln Technologies: A New Technique in Glass Art

Areas of expertise

Kiln forming: casting, fusing, waterjet programming and operation, digital vinyl and decal processing, cold work.

Further information

I am a practicing Glass Artist with a studio practice based at 36 Lime Street Studios, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I exhibit nationally and internationally.

For more information visit my website: www.jomitchellglass.com

Last updated 27 March 2018