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Professor Kevin Petrie

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Head of the School of Art and Design

As Head of the School of Art and Design, I provide academic leadership with the key purpose of engendering an exciting, dynamic, and relevant scholarly environment that encourages curiosity and creativity among our staff and students.

I am also Professor of Glass and Ceramics and perhaps best known for ‘blending’ printmaking and glass/ceramics for creative use. My recent creative practice focuses on drawing, painting, and glass inspired by movement through landscape.

Teaching and supervision

I mainly teach PhD students in glass and ceramics and offer occasional lectures and workshops across subjects in the School of Art and Design. Drawing is one of my passions and I teach workshops from time to time both in glass and ceramics and other subjects.

I was MA Glass and MA Ceramics Programme Leader for nine years as well as BA Glass and Ceramics Programme Leader for a period. My contribution to glass and ceramics teaching and especially postgraduate support has been recognised with the award of a National Teaching Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests for potential research students

I am a very experienced PhD supervisor and have examined PhD students in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia.

My students have researched varied topics, for example, aspects of printmaking for glass and ceramics, water-jet cutting, and cultural perspectives. I have supervised several international PhD students and in particular students from China.

I am always happy to consider research proposals in the area of glass and ceramics as well as allied art and design subjects.


My research has previously focused on methods of printmaking for glass and ceramics. I have published two books on this subject 'Glass and Print' and 'Ceramic Transfer Printing'. Other publications include a chapter on the prints of Erwin Eisch – a seminar figure in the studio glass movement and chapters for books on learning and teaching.

More recently, I have focused on bringing together critical writing on glass and ceramics and have co-edited 'The Ceramics Reader' published by Bloomsbury and I am currently working on 'The Glass Reader'. My artwork focuses on drawing and painting as well as glass and ceramics.


Number of items: 30.


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Book Section

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Reports, briefing/ working papers

Petrie, Kevin (2004) Integrated Glass Prints. UNSPECIFIED. Gateway to Glass.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hayes, Catherine, Fulton, John and Petrie, Kevin (2019) Beyond Disciplinarity: Insights into the Development of Teaching Ontology, Epistemology and Philosophy on an Interdisciplinary Professional Doctorate Pathway. In: Advance HE’s Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2019,Teaching in the spotlight: Innovation for teaching excellence, 2nd - 4th July 2019, Northumbria University.

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Hayes, Catherine, Fulton, John, Rennie, Colin and Petrie, Kevin (2017) Heads or Tails? A Situational Analysis of Two Signature Pedagogies;an Epistemological Stance for Student Engagement. In: RAISE 2017 Annual Conference – 'Perspectives on student engagement; looking forward…thinking back', 6-8 Sep 2017, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK. (Unpublished)

Hayes, Catherine, Fulton, John, Petrie, Kevin, Todd, Claire Richenda, Livingstone, Andrew, Capper, Stephen, Bussey, Sonia and Rennie, Colin (2017) The Artistry of becoming a Scientist in Podiatric Medicine; Transcending and re-connecting Disciplinary Boundaries in Art and Science. In: : Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Annual Conference, 16-18 Nov 2017, ACC Liverpool. (Submitted)

Hayes, Catherine, Todd, Claire, Livingstone, Andrew and Petrie, Kevin (2017) Transdisciplinarity in Knowledge Building – Welcome to the University of Sunderland’s Faculties of Arts and Creative Industries and Health Sciences and Wellbeing. In: SU Student Led Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference, 24 Mar 2017, National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Hayes, Catherine, Todd, Claire, Livingstone, Andrew and Petrie, Kevin (2017) Mind the Gap…What Gap? Co Constructing Knowledge in Somaesthetics and Kinesiology to Transcend Boundaries between Creative Arts and Science. In: JISC 5th Annual Change Agents’ Network Conference, 20-21 Apr 2017, Exeter University. (Unpublished)

Petrie, Kevin (2006) Glass and Print: An appreciation of the combination of Printmaking and contemporary glass practice: Precedents and Perspectives. In: The Royal college of art, London; An IIRG/RCA collaborative symposium; website: glassandprint.info; articles published in Neues Glass/New Glass.


Petrie, Kevin and Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2021) The Glass Reader. Routledge. ISBN 9781350067752 (In Press)

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Petrie, Kevin (2015) China Sketch Book. British Glass Biennale: Ruskin Glass and Drawing - An expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence, 2015, National Glass Centre, Sunderland.

Petrie, Kevin and Davies, Peter (2011) Kith and Kin I and II. 11 November 2011 to 12 February 2012, National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland.

Petrie, Kevin Walking around St James’s Park. 2017 Hangzhou International Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition, 24 Nov - 15 Dec 2017, China Academy of Art (CAA), College of Crafts CAA, Crafts Museum of CAA, China.

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  • Member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College
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