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Reader in Fine Art

As an artist with a specific interest in space, colour and form, I have developed a practice which spans from drawing and painting to full size wallpaintings and site specific installations.

I am very much interested in how colour interferes with our perception of space and have realised wall paintings in places of diverse characters from Museums to Underground Stations and Hospitals. Site specific installations include projects for Piccadilly Underground Station, London, Haymarket Metro Station, Newcastle, The Ministry of Justice, London, Pallant House, Chichester and most recently Leeds Art Gallery.

I have exhibited nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions at Chisenhale, London, The Collection Lincoln, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven and Kunstverein / Künstlerhaus Hanover.

Most recent groupshows include Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception, Compton Verney, Enter Stage Left, The Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland and Drama Queen, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany.

Teaching and supervision

I teach on both the BA (Hons) Fine Art and the MA Fine Art programmes.


My current and ongoing research includes drawing, painting / wall painting and projects in the public realm. In particular, the language and inventions of Modernism and it's impact on current aesthetics fascinates me with it's crossover of disciplines like Art and Architecture, Drama, Textiles and Design.


Number of items: 83.

Book Section

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Goetz, Lothar (2017) Salsa. [Artefact]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Salsa 2. [Artefact]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) Happy Together + I have a dream -shown in the Festival of Love. [Artefact]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) ART14 'Moonwalk' Vision of a Corner. [Artefact]

Goetz, Lothar (2009) Canon. [Artefact]


Goetz, Lothar (2019) If Only. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Fully Awake. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Goetzbau. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Stripes with Pink. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Drawing/Collage. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Furniture by Artists Chair, Chair, Chair, Lamp, Table, Bed, Sofa. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) Backstage. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2018) In Line - Silver Convention. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) We're Back leeds Art Gallery / Xanadu. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Enter Stage Left , The craft of the`true in art. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Solo Presentation with David Risley Gallery at Market Art Fair Stockholm. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Drawing Biennial 2017. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2017) Drama Queens - Tango to Heaven. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Pas De Trois. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Morgen / Tomorrow Neue Kunst in Alten Gärten. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Composition for a Staircase. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Collection Philara, Reopening new Location. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Mechanical Abstract. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Drawing Rooms. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Setzen Stellen legen. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Nulla Dies Sine Linea. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) The Russell Chantry Lothar Goetz / Duncan Grant. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2016) Heimatplan. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) The London Open 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Fifty years of The University of Warwick Art Collection. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Anni Albers, Lothar Götz, Toulu Hassani ,Olaf Holzapfel, Vincent Vulsma. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Drawing Biennial 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Emotional Abstraction. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Soho Room at the House of St Barnabas. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) salondergegenwart. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Bainbridge, Eric, Goetz, Lothar and Broeg, Ralf (2014) socialspace. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) White Nights. [Show/Exhibition]

Deacon, Richard and Goetz, Lothar (2014) Abstract Drawing. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) Conversations with the Devil. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) RCA Secret. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2014) WinWin. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) Lothar Götz - Anke Eilergerhard. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) Visions. An Atmosphere of Change. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Goetz, Lothar, Mitchinson, Graham and loebbecke, renate (2013) Moving Artbox. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) The Collective at the House of St Barnabas. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) Drawing Biennial 2013. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) Poster Art 150 London Underground's Greatest Designs. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2013) Retreat. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2012) Lothar Goetz - Black. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2012) Wait Until Dark. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2012) Back And Forth. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2012) Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2012) Lothar Goetz - The Line Of Beauty. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2011) Alles gerade Lügt. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2011) Don't Look Now. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2011) Actual Fact / Factual Fact. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2011) Don't Look Now - Escape to the North. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2010) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2010) Optical Shift. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar, Bar-Amotz, Guy, Kreh, Svenja and Russ, Gregory (2010) Le Sacre du Printemps. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2010) Murals: Pràctiques Murales Contemporànies. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2010) Optical Shift - Illusion und Täuschung. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2009) Driven by Emotion. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar and O'neil, Paul (2009) Coalesce: Happenstance. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2009) L.G.S.N.H.C.M.E.S.M.K.T. Group Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2006) All Day Long. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar Crash - Stufen zur Kunst - Kunstverein Hanover / Siftung Niedersachsen. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar The Line Of Beauty + Special Guests. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar Lothar Götz - Mulholland Drive. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar Lothar Götz: Double-take. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar Mirror Image. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar Project 07. [Show/Exhibition]

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Areas of expertise

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Wallpainting
  • Site-specific installation
  • Public art

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