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Ralf Broeg

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Senior Lecturer

Artist based in Düsseldorf (Germany) & Sunderland (UK).
Cross-Media/Conceptual Art/Experimental Exhibition and Distribution Formats.

Teaching and supervision

  • BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • MA Fine Art
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Crits
  • Gallery visits
  • Field trips
  • Workshops
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Painting
  • Cross media
  • Art in context
  • Publishing
  • Site-specific

Research interests for potential research students

  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Cross media
  • Art in context
  • Conceptual art
  • Magazine production and publishing
  • Site-specific art
  • Artist books
  • Public art


  • Collaborative/transdisciplinary practice
  • Experimental exhibition and distribution formats
  • Private space – public space
  • Cross media strategies
  • Colour as sculptural material
  • Sound as sculptural material
  • Sound as material in the public domain


Number of items: 42.


Broeg, Ralf (2017) Continuum and Cut – The Dusseldorf Wehrhahn Line – A Synthesis of the Arts (catalogue). Kerber Culture . Kerber Verlag, Berlin/Bielefeld, Germany. ISBN 978-3-7356-0249-7

Broeg, Ralf (2014) ZERO RPM RECORDS Higher States of Consciousness artist book & Collectors Edition. ZERO RPM RECORDS, 1 . HausAmMeer production, Duesseldorf.


Broeg, Ralf (2013) Doppler and Melancholy Box 57. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2013) Zero RPM joint exhibition with Anton Corbijn. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2011) Melancholy Boxes. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) SITEmagazine 12: Institute of Lost Research. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Records REF. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) RECORDS. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Fuzzy Logics. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2007) Wehrhahnlinie. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf MB (Melancholy-Boxes). [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf SITEmagazine_ongoing publication project. [Artefact]


Broeg, Ralf (2017) Zero RPM Records-FuzzyLogics-XF Formats-Isolationen-Melancholien. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2016) Record Play Repeat. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2016) Isolationen ZeigRaeume Fugen. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2016) 3 Modellräume. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2015) The Curves of the Needle. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James, Bainbridge, Eric, Goetz, Lothar and Broeg, Ralf (2014) socialspace. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2014) DYSTOTAL. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2013) “Isolationen & ZeigRäume”. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2013) Ralf Broeg & Anton Corbijn. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2012) An den Rändern der Kunst group show at Markus Ambach Projekte, Düsseldorf. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2011) MB 106" & MB 84", sitespecific installation. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) 44th Art Cologne. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) Der Kern des Ganzen, Petra Rinck Galerie, Dusseldorf (G) **. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) Kunstsalon, Kunstsalon, Dusseldorf (G). [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) MB Tanz - animated outdoor sculpture, Landwirtschaftsverlag, Munster (S)**. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) Positionen 09 (G) **. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2010) Vierwandekunst **. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Editions/Artists' Book Fair (EAB). [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2009. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) 43rd Art Cologne. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) SITE special issue: Transatlantico 2 (gold issue)**. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) SITEmagazine 11: One advances only by means of abstractions, but one finds rest only in the image **. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) 42nd Art Cologne. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) Experimental Intro (G) *. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) NADA Art Fair, Miami. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) THE, The Suburban, Chicago (G)*. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2008) Symposium Krabbesholm Højskole, in Skive, Denmark (G). [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2005) Glitch. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2004) Lumpy Concept. [Show/Exhibition]

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  • Fine art
  • Sculpture
  • Cross media
  • Installation art
  • Print
  • Magazine publishing
  • Artist books
  • Curating

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