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Dr Michael Pearce

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Senior Lecturer in English Language

I have been at the University of Sunderland since 2004, researching mainly in the fields of sociolinguistics, dialectology, and corpus linguistics. I am on the editorial board of English Today (Cambridge University Press). My latest book is North East Vernacular English Online (Edinburgh University Press)

Teaching and supervision

I teach mainly on the following undergraduate modules:

  • CPW100: The Fundamentals of English Language Study
  • CPW102: Writing Short Fiction and Poetry
  • CPW103: Regional Writing: Language
  • CPW200: Language and Society

Research interests for potential research students

Sociolinguistics and dialectology.


I have published mainly in the fields of dialectology, corpus linguistics and critical discourse analysis, with articles appearing in journals such as Language and Literature, Corpora, English Studies, and the Journal of English Linguistics. I am also the author of North East Vernacular English Online (Edinburgh University Press). My research website can be found here. I have a particular interest in the language and culture of North East England.


Number of items: 18.


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Book Section

Pearce, Michael (2017) The Linguistic Landscape of North East England. In: Perspectives on Northern Englishes. Topics in English Linguistics, 96 . De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin, pp. 61-81. ISBN 9783110448658

Pearce, Michael and Maybin, Janet (2006) Literature and Creativity in English. In: The Art of English: Literary Creativity. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 3-48. ISBN 9781403985606


Pearce, Michael (2007) The Routledge Dictionary of English Language Studies. Routledge Dictionaries . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415351720

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