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Dr Katrin Jaedicke

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Senior Lecturer in Applied Biosciences

I am a salivary biomarkers scientist. I am currently investigating salivary biomarkers related to cancer, however I have studied other diseases and conditions in the past. Part of my research is trying to bridge the gap between the lab and the clinic by actively investing in PCPI (Patient, Carer and Public Involvement) and keeping in touch with patients and clinicians through qualitative research.

Additionally, I am interested in making statistics as accessible and as easy to understand as possible for everyone and I'm currently preparing a MOOC (massive open online course) on applied statistics for science students.

Teaching and supervision

I have a broad biomedical background and teach subjects relating to biosciences, human sciences and applied statistics. I am the module lead for Molecular and Cellular Biology and for Research and Analytical Skills for Biosciences.

I also teach on BSc Biomedical Science, BSc Healthcare Science (Life Sciences) and BSc Adult Nursing Practice.

Research interests for potential research students

I am happy to offer projects in salivary biomarkers research for many types of subjects/research areas. This could be biomarker research for diseases such as cancer, hormonal biomarkers related to psychoneuroimmunology or even nutritionally related salivary biomarkers.

I am also able to offer projects in qualitative research.


I have originally specialised in psychoneuroimmunology, studying the links between brain, behaviour and the immune system. I have then moved on to investigate the immunological relationship between periodontitis and diabetes, becoming finally more and more involved with salivary biomarkers research on its own and with qualitative research studies.

I am in the process of developing a salivary cancer biomarker research project in paediatric cancers and evaluating patient responses to salivary biomarker research in cancer.


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