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Health and Clinical Sciences Staff Profiles

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  1. Lewis Bingle

    Lewis Bingle

    Senior Lecturer
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  2. David Hill

    David Hill

    Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
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  3. Rachel Turnbull

    Rachel Turnbull

    Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences
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  4. Svetlana Mysina

    Svetlana Mysina

    Academic Tutor
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  5. Jane Armstrong

    Jane Armstrong

    Principal Lecturer in Life Sciences and Team Leader (Bioscience and Environment)
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  6. Mark Davies

    Mark Davies

    Professor of Bioscience
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  7. Jane Carr-Wilkinson

    Jane Carr-Wilkinson

    Senior Lecturer in Pathology
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  8. Timothy Barrow

    Timothy Barrow

    Senior Lecturer in Genomics
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  9. Graeme O'Boyle

    Graeme O'Boyle

    Senior Lecturer
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  10. Adam R. Jones

    Adam R. Jones

    Senior Lecturer in Bioscience (Physiology)
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  11. Mary Argyraki

    Mary Argyraki

    Programme Leader
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  12. Catherine Hayes

    Catherine Hayes

    Professor of Health Professions Pedagogy and Scholarship
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  13. Gill Cresswell

    Gill Cresswell

    Healthcare Science Lead - Life and Physiological Sciences
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  14. Mark Willis

    Mark Willis

    Programme Leader for Paramedic Science and Out of Hospital Care
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  15. Michelle Payne

    Michelle Payne

    Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Science
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  16. Noel Carter

    Noel Carter

    Associate Professor in Molecular Biology
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  17. Katrin Jaedicke

    Katrin Jaedicke

    Senior Lecturer in Applied Biosciences
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