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Law Staff Profiles

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  1. Amy Sixsmith

    Amy Sixsmith

    Senior Lecturer in Law
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  2. Dr Kat Langley

    Dr Kat Langley

    Senior Lecturer in Law
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  3. Toni Spencer

    Toni Spencer

    Principal Lecturer in Law
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  4. Jen Bacon

    Jen Bacon

    Faculty Academic Support Lead (Law and Tourism)
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  5. Zach Leggett

    Zach Leggett

    Senior Lecturer in Law
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  6. Suzette Scharschmidt

    Suzette Scharschmidt

    Postgraduate Academic Assistant in Law
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  7. Amy Laws

    Amy Laws

    Lecturer in Law
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  8. Kevin Greene

    Kevin Greene

    Senior Lecturer in Law
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  9. Gemma Phillips

    Gemma Phillips

    Postgraduate Academic Assistant
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  10. Hannah Wishart

    Dr Hannah Wishart

    Lecturer in Law
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  11. Emma Wood

    Emma Wood

    Lecturer in Law
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  12. Pardis M Tehrani

    Dr Pardis M Tehrani

    Associate Head
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  13. Kieran Doran

    Dr Kieran Doran

    Lecturer in Law
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