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Dr Kieran Doran

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Lecturer in Law

I have been particularly active in legal research in the area of healthcare law, including the legal confidentiality of clinical records, informed consent and advanced healthcare planning, and recent developments in the law of termination of pregnancy in Ireland.

I have also undertaken legal research on topics such as clinician understanding of the appropriate application of "Do Not Apply Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation" orders, the legal position governing the prescribing of contraceptives to minor patients, and alternative dispute resolution in clinical negligence litigation.

In addition, I have published academic articles on issues such as the legibility of clinical records in clinical practice, as well as topics relating to my work with medical students in student welfare and pastoral care and undergraduate medical research, eg the teaching of clinical research ethics.

Teaching and supervision

I'm currently the module coordinator for the online LLM module, Employment Law, and I'm extensively involved as an LLM dissertation supervisor. Some of the areas of law I'm supervising include data protection and e-commerce, alternative dispute resolution in international trade, and the use of artificial intelligence in international trade.

I also teach the second-year LLB modules on Dispute Resolution and the Law of Evidence, as well as the third-year module on Medical Law.

I'm heavily involved in the training of trainee solicitors through the Legal Practice Course, teaching the modules of Advanced Litigation and Employment Law and Practice. I also work with undergraduate and postgraduate students in the LPC office training in the law clinic.

Research interests for potential research students

I have a wide range of interests in legal research and I'm always available to discuss research projects in a number of different areas of the law and legal practice.

My background is primarily in legal research within healthcare law, and I've written on a variety of topics including clinical negligence, informed consent, clinical confidentiality, clinical research ethics, plus ethical and legal issues at the beginning and end of life.

I also have extensive experience and knowledge in alternative dispute resolution law, criminal law, data protection law, employment law, EU law, health and safety law, and the legal system, which includes civil litigation and the coroners' court.

I have vast experience in legal practice and training in the area of healthcare law, both advising and teaching healthcare professionals in the USA, Ireland, and the UK.

In particular, my expertise lies in clinical negligence, including alternative dispute resolution and informed consent and mental capacity, covering areas such as advanced healthcare planning and minor consent. I also specialise in clinical confidentiality, including legal access to and protection of clinical information.

During my academic legal career, I've been extensively involved in dealing with ethical and legal issues at the beginning and end of life, as well as having specialist knowledge of the Coroners' Court system.

Also, I have wide experience in working in the area of professional regulation and Fitness to Practise, including health and welfare, for all healthcare professions, plus specific expertise in healthcare research ethics.

Another area of legal expertise is in employment law, particularly unfair dismissals, representing clients at the employment tribunal, and advising on the drafting and implementation of disciplinary and grievance procedures. Also, I worked on bullying and harassment in the workplace, drafting anti-bullying and harassment policies. 

I have advised clients regarding the investigation of allegations of employee misconduct that could result in dismissal under the disciplinary procedure, implementing a workplace investigation training programme.

I have a wide variety of expertise in the area of Equality Law, including the implementation of reasonable adjustments policies in the workplace and advising clients on drafting anti-discrimination policies and procedures.

Lastly, I have also worked in the related areas of health and safety law, including undertaking workplace risk assessments, health and safety audits, and the implementation of EU regulations and directives in the workplace, eg display screen equipment, DSE, and the Working Time Directive.

I have previously worked as an Assistant In-House Attorney at a Chicago hospital, a Claims Manager and Risk Management Consultant in London, a Litigation Solicitor in Ireland, and most recently, a Trust Solicitor in an NHS Trust in the north-east.

I've also worked extensively in undergraduate and postgraduate training of healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland, as well as being involved in the professional training of trainees and qualified solicitors at the Law Society of Ireland.

I have wide-ranging experience in legal training and practice in the areas of criminal law, employment law, EU law, health and safety law, healthcare law, as well as civil litigation which includes alternative dispute resolution and the Coroners' Court.

Last updated 20 May 2024