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Dr Caroline Mitchell

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Assoc. Professor Radio and Participation

My research and practice is centred on community media production and cultures of transnational community radio and women's/feminist radio. I specialise in using mapping and participatory action research methods. 

I was co-founder of Fem FM, the first women's radio station in the UK (1992) and co-curated a digital archive of the station in 2014. I have published widely about women and radio, including the edited volume ‘Women and Radio: Airing Differences’, (Routledge, 2000).

As PI for ´Transnational Radio Encounters´, I researched ways that community stations use radio to connect transnationally with similar minority ethnic, social and cultural groups. This research group commissioned the online interactive platform radio.garden that has attracted millions of users since its launch in 2016.

I co-ordinate ArtWorks-U, a support network for artists and creatives working in participatory settings which is part of the national Artworks Alliance group. I am executive producer for the weekly radio programme ArtyParti which won 2016 Community Media Association award for best arts radio programme.

Teaching and supervision

I contribute to undergraduate and MA modules in the following areas:

  • Radio Management
  • Radio Studies
  • Community Media
  • Community Radio theory and practices
  • Women and Radio
  • Transnational Radio Practices
  • Media Industries and employability


  • 2015–17: Co-investigator, with Professor Trish Winter and Dr Andrew Richardson: 'Culture Map: 'Putting Southwick on the Map', to develop a new methodology for involving local communities in the evaluation of arts-led cultural interventions.
  • 2013-16: Transnational Radio Encounters: Mediations of Nationality, Identity and Community through Radio (Funder: HERA), including the Radio Garden.
  • 2012-ongoing: Fem FM Archive, working with Bristol City Archives to establish a digital archive of the UK's first women's radio station.
  • 2011-13: Community Media Applications and Participation (Funder: Lifelong Learning Programme. Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency. Grundtvig.)
  • 2009-10: CrossTalk: Moving stories from across borders, cultures, generations (Funder: EU-Programme, Socrates-Grundvig).


Number of items: 19.


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Book Section

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Mitchell, Caroline (2000) Women and Radio: Airing Differences. Routledge. ISBN 978-0415220712


Mitchell, Caroline (2016) Women and radio - airing differences. On the importance of community radio as a space for women’s representation, participation and resistance. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.


Mitchell, Caroline, Winter, Trish and Richardson, Andrew (2017) Putting Southwick on the Map. [Artefact]

Mitchell, Caroline, Peter, Lewis, Golo, Föllmer, Per, Jauert, Jacob, Kreutzfeldt, Alexander, Badenoch and Sonja, de Leeuw (2016) radio.garden. [Artefact]


Mitchell, Caroline (2018) radio.garden [Research portfolio]. Interactive website and book chapter.

Mitchell, Caroline (2011) COMAPP - Community Media Applications and Participation. EU Lifelong Learning programme.

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  • Women and radio, history and practices
  • Transnational radio
  • Black and minority ethnic community radio, history and practices
  • Community media and representations of migration
  • Theory and practices of participatory radio
  • Participatory arts evaluation methods
  • Community media training methods
  • Community media applications and participation

Other projects I have been involved with include:

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