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Media Staff Profiles

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  1. Craig Moore

    Craig Moore

    Senior Technician (TV Studio)
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  2. Shaun Moores

    Professor Shaun Moores

    Emeritus Professor
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  3. Caroline Mitchell

    Dr Caroline Mitchell

    Professor of Radio and Participation
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  4. Andy Cartwright

    Andy Cartwright

    Programme Leader for MA Radio, Audio and Podcasting
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  5. Jay Sykes

    Jay Sykes

    Lecturer in Audio (AFHEA)
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  6. Iliyana Farfarova

    Iliyana Farfarova

    Social Media Lecturer
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  7. Natalia Edwards

    Natalia Edwards

    Equipment Store Technician
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  8. Sue Perryman

    Sue Perryman

    Senior Lecturer
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  9. Steve Cannon

    Dr Steve Cannon

    Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
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  10. Steven Nickells

    Steven Nickells

    Senior Technician Digital Media (Journalism)
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  11. Grant Lowery

    Grant Lowery

    Senior Technician - Radio
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  12. Robert Jewitt

    Robert Jewitt

    Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies
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  13. Richard Berry

    Dr Richard Berry

    Senior Lecturer in Radio
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  14. Nicholas Glean

    Nicholas Glean

    Senior Lecturer in Video and New Media
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  15. Julia Knight

    Professor Julia Knight

    Professor Emerita
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  16. John Paul Green

    John Paul Green

    Faculty Academic Support Lead - School of Media and Communications
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  17. Barbara Sadler

    Dr Barbara Sadler

    Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Film and Media
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  18. Lewis Harley

    Lewis Harley

    Equipment Store Technician
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  19. Darren Bykerk

    Darren Bykerk

    Senior Lecturer in Media Production
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  20. Jo McCullock

    Jo McCullock

    Senior Lecturer in Media Production and Digital Film
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  21. Ian McPake

    Ian McPake

    Senior Lecturer in Broadcast and Digital Media
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  22. George Larke-Walsh

    Dr George Larke-Walsh

    Senior Lecturer
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  23. Gary Stubbs

    Gary Stubbs

    Programme Leader for MA Media Production (Film and Television)
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  24. Stephen Watson

    Stephen Watson

    Video Editing Technician
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  25. Dr Dan Ward

    Dr Dan Ward

    Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies
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