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Grant Lowery

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Senior Technician - Radio

I spent two years working as a Broadcast Assistant for the BBC before successfully completing a Masters Degree in Advanced Radio Production and Management at the University of Sunderland. I was then fortunate enough to get a job as the Senior Technician for Radio in the David Puttnam Media Centre.

In the Media Centre, I look after five radio studios and two audio editing booths and have been involved in the refit of them all. I designed, specified and built the equipment for the main Spark studio, this is a fully digital studio and is the broadcast base for Spark Sunderland, the University's award winning community radio station.
I also specified the equipment and designed and built portable kit to allow live shows, either audio only or in-camera, to be broadcast on radio or streamed on video platforms from just about any location.

Teaching and supervision

I have previously taught Introduction to Sound, covering the fundamentals of sound, recording techniques and editing and mixing.
  • Radio - I have designed and built many radio studios both on a freelance basis and as part of the technical team at the University
  • Sound recording - including field recording and multi-track music recording
  • Broadcast sound - for radio and television, including outside broadcasts
  • Live presentation - I currently present Spark Gold, 2pm every Sunday on 107 Spark
  • Hospital Radio - I have been involved with Radio Sunderland for hospitals for over 30 years and have held several management positions
  • Model Railways - see my YouTube channel

Last updated 06 November 2019