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Dr Richard Berry

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Expert for press contact

Senior Lecturer in Radio

I teach radio and podcasting across our BA and MA courses, covering live broadcasting, podcast production, podcast studies, radio history, and radio programming. 

I also lead the MA Radio, Audio and Podcasting course and work as a personal academic tutor for students on BA (Hons) Media Production

I wrote the successful application for our award-winning community radio station, Spark and currently hold the post of Station Manager. 

Teaching and supervision

I am the module leader for:

  • RAD 106 – Introduction to Radio and Podcasting
  • FMP 202 – Employment in Screen and Audio Industries
  • MED 242 – Podcasting
  • MED 327 – Radio Broadcasting
  • RAD 301 – Radio and Audio Projects
  • RADM 12 – Radio and Podcast Production
  • RADM 22 – Advanced Radio and Podcast Production

I also support the teaching of radio and podcasting modules across our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Research interests for potential research students

My research is in the area of radio, with a focus on the relationship between radio (as an industry) and the internet, and in particular, in the area of podcasting as a new form of audio content. I recently completed a PhD by previously published work with a focus on my work in podcast studies. 


My research is focused on the intersections between the radio industry and the internet; considering how trends such as podcasting and online visual content are changing the nature of the medium.


Number of items: 29.


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Book Section

Berry, Richard (2023) Radio in the round: reflections on the future of sound media. In: Bloomsbury Handbook of Radio. Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781501385308 (In Press)

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Conference or Workshop Item

Berry, Richard (2024) Podcasting and You. In: Northern Bridge DTP Podcasting workshop, 07 May 2024, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2023) 20 years in making. The past, present, and future of podcasting. In: Obcast Conference 2023: The native podcast: understanding its development, questioning its future, 14-15 December 2023, Pantheon Assas Universite, Paris. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2019) BBC Sounds and the search for the Netflix of Podcasts - Models of listening to radio and podcasts in a platform world. In: ECREA Radio Research Conference (September 19-21) Siena, Italy, September 19-21 2019, University of Siena. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2019) Podcasting: New Aural Cultures. In: Radio Studies, Practices and Futures – Guy Starkey memorial symposium, 18th February 2019, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2019) Stick a pin it. Problems of defining podcasts in an age of platforms. In: Podcasting Poetics, October 11-12, Johannes Gutenburg University, Mainz, Germany. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2018) Everyone is Podcasting. In: Invited Talk, October 15th 2018, Lincoln University.

Berry, Richard (2018) A pantone of podcasts: Typologies and understandings of podcasting. In: The Radio Conference 2018: A Transnational Forum, Jult 10 - 13 2018, Monash University, Prato, Itlay. (Unpublished)

Berry, Richard (2017) The relationship between podcasting and radio. In: ECREA Radio Research Conference, September 12-14th 2017, Lublin, Poland.

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Berry, Richard (2009) Podcasting: is it radio? In: Radio Academy Masterclass, 21 Mar 2009, Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's, Sunderland University,.

Berry, Richard (2008) "I'm friends with the DJ" - Radio's Social Media. In: Sounding Out 4: An International Symposium on Sound in the Media, 4-6 Sept 2008, Media Centre, University of Sunderland.


Berry, Richard, Fox, Neil and Llinares, Dario (2018) Podcasting: New Aural Cultures and Digital Media. Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 978-3319900551


Berry, Richard (2019) New Aural Cultures: Voices, confessions and performances. [Audio]

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I have teaching and research experience in radio production, live broadcasting, and podcasting. I also run the on-campus community radio station Spark.

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