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Dr David Swan

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Lecturer in Immunology

I am a Lecturer in Immunology in the School of Medicine. I teach the subject via lectures and workshops, facilitate problem-based learning, and provide pastoral support to students.

The human immune system is an incredible product of evolution. To have the opportunity to explain how it works to students – and to further our understanding of it through research – is a privilege.

Teaching and supervision

MBChB Medicine

  • Year 1: Innate Immunity; Adaptive Immunity; Mucosal Immunity
  • Year 2: Inflammation and Repair; Diseases of the Immune System; Gut Immunity; Hypersensitivity and Immunopathology

Research interests for potential research students

  • Monogenic disorders causing immunodeficiency and/or immune dysregulation
  • Autoimmunity


  • Finding the genetic causes and delineating the molecular mechanisms of novel primary immunodeficiencies
  • Discovering the changes in the immune system that are associated with disease flare in patients with relapsing-remitting autoimmune diseases
  • Developing therapies that restore self-tolerance in patients with autoimmune diseases


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  • Control of lymphocyte migration
  • Signalling in lymphocyte development
  • Regulation of T cell responses by dendritic cells

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