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Medicine Staff Profiles

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  1. Fiona Crosbie

    Fiona Crosbie

    GP Year Lead and Clinical Tutor
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  2. Cheryl Francis

    Cheryl Francis

    Librarian (School of Medicine)
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  3. Debs Patten

    Debs Patten

    Professor of Anatomy
    View Debs Patten profile
  4. Rosie Dew

    Rosie Dew

    Senior Lecturer in Physiology
    View Rosie Dew profile
  5. Ashleigh Summerson

    Ashleigh Summerson

    Student Administration Officer (Medical School)
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  6. Nicole O'Connor

    Nicole O'Connor

    School Operations Manager
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  7. Alice Roberts

    Alice Roberts

    Lecturer in Anatomy
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  8. Andy Davies

    Andy Davies

    Undergraduate Programme Leader
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  9. Tim Paget

    Tim Paget

    Academic Lead for Admissions
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  10. Rebecca Taylor

    Rebecca Taylor

    School Support Administrator, School of Medicine
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  11. Shafiq U Ahmed

    Shafiq U Ahmed

    Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology
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  12. Tracy Skipper

    Tracy Skipper

    Senior School Administrator and PA to Head of School
    View Tracy Skipper profile
  13. Maziar Ashrafian Bonab

    Maziar Ashrafian Bonab

    Senior Lecturer and EDI Deputy Lead, School of Medicine
    View Maziar Ashrafian Bonab profile
  14. Evie Donald

    Evie Donald

    Lecturer in Anatomy
    View Evie Donald profile
  15. Jane Falconer

    Jane Falconer

    Senior Lecturer in Immunology
    View Jane Falconer profile
  16. Jane Carr-Wilkinson

    Jane Carr-Wilkinson

    Senior Lecturer in Pathology
    View Jane Carr-Wilkinson profile
  17. Harry Miles

    Harry Miles

    Lecturer in Anatomy
    View Harry Miles profile
  18. Thomas Butts

    Thomas Butts

    Lecturer in Neuroscience and Year 2 lead
    View Thomas Butts profile
  19. Thomas Fairfax

    Thomas Fairfax

    GP Year Lead and Clinical Tutor
    View Thomas Fairfax profile
  20. Kevin Petrie

    Kevin Petrie

    Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology
    View Kevin Petrie profile
  21. James Nott

    James Nott

    Senior Lecturer in Anatomy
    View James Nott profile
  22. Scott Wilkes

    Scott Wilkes

    Head of School of Medicine and Professor of General Practice and Primary Care at Sunderland
    View Scott Wilkes profile
  23. Elsa Randles

    Elsa Randles

    GP Tutor and Clinical Year Lead
    View Elsa Randles profile
  24. Marina Sawdon PhD, SFHEA

    Marina Sawdon PhD, SFHEA

    Associate Professor of Medical Education
    View Marina Sawdon PhD, SFHEA profile
  25. Gavin Jarvis

    Gavin Jarvis

    Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
    View Gavin Jarvis profile
  26. Kieran Doran

    Kieran Doran

    Professional Development and Welfare Lead
    View Kieran Doran profile
  27. Julian Hargreaves

    Julian Hargreaves

    Team Leader GP Education
    View Julian Hargreaves profile
  28. Munesh Khamuani

    Munesh Khamuani

    Lecturer in Histology and Anatomy
    View Munesh Khamuani profile
  29. Beth Armstrong

    Beth Armstrong

    School Administrator
    View Beth Armstrong profile
  30. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

    Lecturer Psychometrics and Medical Statistics
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