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Edward Stephenson

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Senior Lecturer

My clinical background is in the fields of learning disabilities, mental health, and adult nursing. As a Registered Nurse, I have worked across these areas clinically throughout my career. I became a nursing lecturer in 1986. While in nurse education, I have maintained a link to clinical practice by working within different nursing settings in both learning disability and mental health clinical practice areas, and continue to do so.

In terms of nurse education, I am interested in all aspects of nursing education though I have a particular interest in equality and diversity, and fairness in terms of the learner's experience in relation to exposure to curriculum content and practice placement experiences. This mirrors my passion for equality of services for all groups of clients both in the NHS and private sector in terms of client support and treatment/intervention strategies.

Teaching and supervision

I have interests in a number of clinical areas of nursing practice. Specifically, this relates to dual diagnosis in terms of individuals with a learning disability who also have mental health issues. The application of physical assessment is an area of importance and continues to be an area I strive to address with students in terms of the impact it might have on clients in both the learning disability and in the field of mental health clinical practice.

Last updated 11 September 2023