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Nursing Staff Profiles

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  1. Gina Maria Robinson

    Gina Maria Robinson

    Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Nursing (Top-Up)
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  2. Clare Brizzolara

    Clare Brizzolara

    Programme Leader
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  3. Lindy Turnbull

    Lindy Turnbull

    Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing
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  4. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee

    Senior Lecturer in CPD
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  5. Chris Bailey

    Chris Bailey

    Senior Lecturer/Clinical Link Tutor
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  6. Tracey Humphrey

    Tracey Humphrey

    Lecturer in Adult Nursing
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  7. Claire Calladine

    Claire Calladine

    Senior Lecturer and Clinical Link Tutor for Adult Nursing Practice
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  8. Kate Newby

    Kate Newby

    Faculty Academic Support Lead: Nursing
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  9. Ian Slaughter

    Ian Slaughter

    Senior Lecturer/AESiP
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  10. Bethany Hill

    Bethany Hill

    Programme Leader District Nursing
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  11. Alicja Rogusz

    Alicja Rogusz

    Deputy Programme Leader for MSc Nursing
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  12. Meghan Nicholson

    Meghan Nicholson

    Senior Lecturer MSc Nursing
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  13. Yitka Graham

    Yitka Graham

    Head of the Helen McArdle Nursing and Care Research Institute, Professor of Health Services Research
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  14. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins

    Senior Lecturer Programme Lead for Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (Adult)
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  15. Ruth Wilson

    Ruth Wilson

    Programme Leader / Senior Lecturer Learning Disability Nursing
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  16. Ian Braithwaite

    Ian Braithwaite

    Senior Lecturer in BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice
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  17. Mark Widdowfield

    Mark Widdowfield

    Senior Lecturer Health Professions Education
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  18. Donna Marley

    Donna Marley

    Lecturer and Clinical Link Tutor Adult Nursing Practice
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  19. Gill Maw

    Gill Maw

    Team Leader/Principal Lecturer: Nursing and Paramedic Sciences
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  20. Heather Yemm

    Heather Yemm

    Research Fellow
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  21. Amanda Allan

    Amanda Allan

    Lecturer in Adult Nursing
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  22. Karen Giles

    Karen Giles

    Principal Lecturer
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  23. Natalie Speers

    Natalie Speers

    Lecturer in Children's and Young People's Nursing Practice
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  24. Rana Amiri

    Rana Amiri

    Senior Lecturer CPD and MSc Nursing
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  25. Joanne Snowdon

    Joanne Snowdon

    Lecturer in Adult Nursing
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  26. Kate Brown

    Kate Brown

    Senior Lecturer Midwifery
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  27. Karen Humphreys

    Karen Humphreys

    Senior Lecturer
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  28. Claire Urwin

    Claire Urwin

    Senior Lecturer
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  29. Yvonne Hindmarsh

    Yvonne Hindmarsh

    Senior Lecturer/Admissions Tutor BSc Adult Nursing Practice
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  30. Sue Brent

    Sue Brent

    Head of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences
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  31. Simone Bedford

    Simone Bedford

    Team Leader for Professional Healthcare Practice and Midwifery
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  32. Michelle Parkes

    Michelle Parkes

    Senior Lecturer
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  33. Tony Kyle

    Tony Kyle

    Senior Lecturer
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  34. Shelly Rowell

    Shelly Rowell

    Lecturer in Children's and Young People's Nursing
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  35. Megan Curry

    Megan Curry

    Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing Practice
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  36. Mark Telford

    Mark Telford

    Programme Leader for BSc Children's and Young People's Nursing Practice
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  37. Edel Mattocks

    Edel Mattocks

    Senior Lecturer
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  38. Louise Bell

    Louise Bell

    Lecturer in Children and Young People's Nursing Practice
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  39. Lynsey Drew

    Lynsey Drew

    Senior Lecturer BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing Practice
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  40. Jennifer Dent

    Jennifer Dent

    Programme Leader: Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeships
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  41. Kathryn Potts

    Kathryn Potts

    Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing
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  42. Chris Davidson

    Chris Davidson

    Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for MNurse
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  43. Charlotte Sadler

    Charlotte Sadler

    Lecturer and Clinical Link Tutor
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