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  1. Kathryn Potts

    Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing
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  2. Kate Brown

    Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills
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  3. Lynsey Drew

    Senior Lecturer BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing Practice
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  4. Claire Calladine

    Senior Lecturer and Clinical Link Tutor for Adult Nursing Practice
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  5. Gina Maria Robinson

    Senior Lecturer/Academic Senior Nurse Lead
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  6. Clare Brizzolara

    Senior Lecturer
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  7. Angus Forsyth

    Programme Leader for BSc Mental Health Nursing Practice
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  8. Simone Bedford

    Team Leader for Adult Nursing
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  9. Gill Maw

    Programme Leader for Adult Nursing Practice
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  10. Yvonne Hindmarsh

    Senior Lecturer/Admissions Tutor BSc Adult Nursing Practice
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  11. Kathryn King

    Principal Lecturer in Pedagogy
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  12. Megan Curry

    Senior Lecturer and Clinical Tutor for Adult Nursing Practice
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  13. John Unsworth

    Head of Learning and Teaching Enhancement / Principal Lecturer in Nursing
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  14. Sue Brent

    Head of School of Nursing and Health Sciences
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  15. Michelle Parkes

    Senior Lecturer
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