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Dr Rana Amiri

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Senior Lecturer CPD and MSc Nursing

I graduated from Mashhad University of Medical Science (Iran) in 2016 with a PhD in nursing. My PhD thesis was a mix-method design study, concentrating on the health-seeking behaviour of Afghan refugees in Iran. The project's first stage was an ethnographic study then I designed and validated a health-seeking behaviour questionnaire.

I gained my BSc in general nursing and MSc in paediatric nursing in Iran. After my master's degree, I worked as a research assistant in the Neonatal Research Centre, which mainly focused on investigating low birth weight and preterm neonates, neonates and children's health. Meanwhile, I worked as a clinical teacher and preceptor at the Mashhad University of Medical Science-Iran in children's wards.

During my PhD, my research interest developed and focused on health equity, transcultural caring, cultural intelligence, and ethnography. Then, I found the extensive experience working with refugees, women, children, ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups in Iran. I was a project principal in two health projects for Afghan refugees in Iran, funded by United Nations.

I started working in the UK as a Visiting Scholar at Northumbria University in 2019 with Prof Kathryn Cassidy to develop funding proposals and publications relating to her current research on asylum-seeking and refugee women. Then I became involved as a research associate at the University of Sunderland in 2021. After that, I continued working at the University of Sunderland as an AT from 2021 to 2022. Now, I am a Senior Lecturer for CPD and MSc nursing starting in October 2022.

I am also a member of Fuse.

Teaching and supervision

I teach on:

I am the module leader for HSSM69: Leadership and Management (Level 7)
I teach HSSM71: Teaching and Learning (Level 7).

I also supervise dissertation students on:

Research interests for potential research students

I have experience accomplishing various kinds of research, including clinical trials, cross-sectional studies, cohort and observational studies, case studies, ethnography, phenomenology, content analysis, co-design research, mixed methods, systematic review literature and meta-analysis.

My main interest topics are health inequities among vulnerable groups, women, domestic violence and IPV, children, and ethnic minorities.


My main research concentrations are trans-cultural caring, ethnography, cultural intelligence, domestic violence and IPV, and health enquiry among minorities, women, and immigrants.


Number of items: 17.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Christie-de Jong, Floor, Kotzur, Marie, Amiri, Rana, Ling, Jonathan and Robb, Kathryn A. (2023) Using a participatory approach to encourage uptake of breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer screening for Scottish Muslim women: a pilot qualitative study. In: The Lancet UK Public Health Science conference, 24 Nov 2023, Chadwick Court, London.

Amiri, Rana, Giles, Karen and Ling, Jonathan (2023) The impact of the me, myself and autism programme on adult autism having access to the service, in terms of the benefits and challenges/issues they encounter. In: SSM Annual Scientific Meeting, 67th Annual Scientific Meeting, 06-08 Sep 2023, University of Newcastle.

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