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Performing Arts Staff Profiles

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  1. Jason Hares

    Jason Hares

    Performing Arts Technician
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  2. Hayley Jenkins

    Hayley Jenkins

    Lecturer of Music and PGCE PCET
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  3. Sarah Riach

    Sarah Riach

    Team Leader for Media and Performance
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  4. Gavin Huscroft

    Gavin Huscroft

    Lecturer in Drama
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  5. Rachel Emms

    Rachel Emms

    Programme Leader for Performing Arts
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  6. Christopher Davidson

    Christopher Davidson

    Senior Technician (Performing Arts)
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  7. Adelle Hulsmeier

    Dr Adelle Hulsmeier

    Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Screen Performance
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  8. John Kefala-Kerr

    John Kefala-Kerr

    Senior Lecturer in Music
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