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Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

I am a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics. I obtained my PhD in Drug Delivery and Targeting from UCL School of Pharmacy in London in 2006. I then undertook postdoctoral research positions investigating drug delivery systems for pulmonary delivery of anticancer medicines at Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in Glasgow, and for controlled delivery of HIV microbicides at Queen’s University Belfast.

In 2009, I played a key role in establishing a new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ulster University and I became the Course Director for MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from 2010-2015.

Teaching and supervision

Teaching interests

  • Dosage form design 
  • Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics
  • Controlled release drug delivery systems
  • Nanoformulations
  • 3D tablet printing

PhD supervision

  • N. Uddin (2017- ) "Nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles for glioblastoma"
  • S. Girgis (2016- ) "Development of targeting strategies for metastatic cancer using nanoparticles"
  • H. Al-Sanaa (2015- ) "Development of novel liposomal gene delivery systems" (Co-supervisor)
  • D. Abdelkader (2014-2017) "Development of particulate carriers for delivery and targeting of biotherapeutics" 
  • L. Spears (2014-2017) "Peptide-loaded, shear sensitive hydrogels as a novel topical delivery system for wound management and repair (Co supervisor)
  • A. Abuelhana (2014-2016) "The development of a model to inform the appropriate skill mix for pharmacy workforce to achieve the optimisation of both patient outcome and cost effectiveness" (Co supervisor) 
  • N. Ali (2014-2016) "Synthesis, targeting and triggering of functional nanoplasmids" (Co supervisor) 
  • A. Sharma (2013-2016) "Development of nanoparticulate delivery systems for anti-metastatic Ran-GTPase biotherapeutics"
  • Y. Haggag (2013-2016) "Biodegradable nanoparticles as potential delivery system for anti-metastatic Ran-GTPase peptides" 
  • N. Craythorne (2010-14) "Nanoparticles as potential drug delivery systems for antidiabetic peptide therapeutics" 
  • A. Winder (2009-2013) "Development and characterisation of anti-biotic loaded, stress sensitive hydrogel materials for topical treatment of colonised ulceration" (Co-supervisor)
  • G. Bode-Animashaun (2009-2013) Project Title: Development and characterisation of photo-antimicrobial hydrogel materials for topical treatment of colonised ulceration (Co-supervisor)

Research interests for potential research students

  • Pharmaceutical nanotechnology for drug delivery and targeting
  • Biodegradable nanoparticles for delivery and targeting of biotherapeutics with anticancer and antidiabetic activities
  • Vaccine delivery and targeting using nanoformulations
  • Controlled delivery of HIV microbicides
  • Pulmonary delivery of anticancer medicines
  • 3D printing technology for tablet manufacture


My research interests focus on the area of nanomedicine and pharmaceutical nanotechnology including the development of biodegradable nanoparticles via different formulation techniques like a novel microfluidic system for delivery and targeting of biotherapeutics with anticancer and antidiabetic activities such as peptides, proteins, SiRNA and DNA plasmids.I have also developed a recent interest in the area of 3D tablet printing for personalised medicine. I established collaborative links with a number of national and international research groups, and my collaboration with Bradford Institute for Cancer Therapeutics has led to a patent application. I have taken a leading role in developing international relations with academic partners for the University of Sunderland.


Number of items: 35.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Karkara, Yasir, Elkordy, Amal and Faheem, Ahmed (2023) 3D printed flexible design for personalized drug release. In: 14th APS PharmSci International Conference, 05-07 Sep 2023, Reading University, Reading, UK.

Karkara, Yasir, Elkordy, Amal and Faheem, Ahmed (2023) Three-dimensional printing of flexible polypill. In: 14th APS PharmSci International Conference, 05-07 Sep 2023, Reading University, Reading, UK.

Uddin, Nazim, Elkordy, Amal and Faheem, Ahmed (2022) Novel Formulation of PGLA nanoparticles for targeted glioblastoma chemotherapy. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Abdelkader, D H, Osman, M, El-Gizawy, S, McCarron, P and Faheem, Ahmed (2016) In Vitro evaluation of human insulin nanoparticles for topical delivery. In: University of Sunderland 2016 Research Conference, 7 Jan 2016, University of Sunderland, UK.. (Unpublished)

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I am a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in UK and a member of the Academic Pharmacy Group at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Also, I am serving as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and as a reviewer for many international journals in the field including the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Journal of Controlled Release and Pharmaceutical Research Journal.

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